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May 22, 2007


Van KayArr

Why do you think they are banning dogs?

Because they dont want you to be able to protect your property.
Just as in the same way, they are disarming the American public, through the destruction of the Constitution.
You are allowing it to happen.

Wake up, before you are chipped and controlled like the dog you "used" to own...


Seriously? This list is absolutely INSANE! I've trained pits, german shepherds and rotties and all three of these breeds get such bad media attention. These so called dangerous breeds are very obedient, loyal and such marshmallows IF CARED FOR PROPERLY (socialization, training, love etc etc.) One dog acts aggressively and you ban the breed? Thats absolute madness!

irresponsible owners should be prosecuted far more harshly and banning breeds is the most ridiculous solution. Dogs just like babies aren't born killers, they're abused, uncared for and eventually what can you expect from a dog who knows nothing but pain and neglect?

It makes me so angry to see people banning such beautiful animals so the public can be 'safe' This is not the solution at all. Dogs of any breed have the potential to be loving, loyal, obedient companions and it is the actions of the HUMAN that results in these dogs not meeting their full potential.

This is like racism. Except nobody seems to care because they're just 'dogs'. Bah! This list makes me sick.

P.s. Labrador retrievers? You've got to be kidding....they live to please!

scott mcdougall

responsible. we as oners keep that as gospel. information is not hard. just needed. all we can do is try. we need to be smart not THUGS. we can make a differance. scotty.

Samie Fleming

Who ever wrote this list is such a dumb ass...
They really need to think about the owners and what they would go through when they are told "oh, i'm sorry but we need to put this dog to sleep because it is on the list of banned dogs...
Could someone please tell me if they have a law on mixed pit bulls..
I have a pit bull mixed with yellow lab...

EDITOR'S NOTE: Samie - We didn't make this list up - it's for real.

Yes - if you have a pitbull mix - you would indeed be discriminated against depending on where you live and the laws in your community.

Please obtain you local animal ordinance right away to see if you and your dog are safe. Then keep watch to make sure it stays that way!


Can you imagine a Rhodesian Ridgeback is on the dangerous dogs list in germany? They really put all heavy, muscular dogs on the list, in case the owner cant deal with the dog and before it bites, we just put it on the list so we dont have to worry about anything to happen. This is ridiculous.

In Germany you can still go places with your dog. I flew to Germany November 2007 and I went to restaurants with my parents and I had my dog with me, it is a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Hound mix. Guess what, they let us in, she was sitting under the table.


WOW!!! I had no idea that many dogs are being considered as dangerous. I have a St Bernard and he's a sweetheart! Please post updated info on this website about current bills in affect.


so they pretty much dont want us to have a dog that is over lets say 35 pounds thats so not fair not to be mean but personaly i think the little guys are more mean then the big 150 pound guys and the little ones really cant help with alot


I HAVE A QUESTION that I need answered as I am in a heated debate with someone on another forum; she is against dogs in public places.
When did it become an ordinance that dogs were not allowed in public places; restaurants, beaches, some parks, stores, etc...??
I'm wondering when this happened and why. There was a time in history (and still takes place in some European countries) when dogs were allowed in stores, etc... with their owners.
When did this change and why!

Raine Devries

This article is in the July 7 edition of the Daily Mail. The article pinpoints that small, yappy dogs are more likely to bite than a larger breed dog.


ok every breed has bit a human ! it was most likely the humans fault they were most likely irratating it or something ! and if you do have problems with a dog train it or call ceaser millian the dog whisper on national geographic channel on cable ok!and what about the seeing eye dogs and the dogs that help the disable because golden rets. and labrador rets. are mostly thr are mostly the helping dogs and german sheperds help the police!!!!!!!!and they want to ban them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colleen Del Bane

Do you realize if this kind of laws were passed about bad people condemning the whole race each time ten people from a certain racial group murdered someone. You people making these rules would be neutered or not exist within X amount of years too!
please think about what you are doing.

Colleen Del Bane

how can you condemn these wonderful dogs based on breedism? not all black people are bad, not all white people are bad, not all Mexicans are bad. Shall we kill them all because there are some really bad ones??? better idea would be to start listing bad owners and pet abusers by name and prosecuting them. Then I bet we would have better dogs because most dogs that bite have been abused or neglected. Some just not properly trained. You people are running on empty brain cavities!


all you people that made this list are a bunch of uneducated idiots. i would like to know why each and evry dog here in this list is banned i bet you cant tell me that. another thing, Labrador Retriever,a akita is this a joke a pug are you serious. this is not scary at all this list just lets me know that there are many stupid people in the world. you people should be the banned ones.


They don't ban guns, yet they ban dogs. Oh, wait, guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people. So the gun isn't responsible, the owner is. Hmm... I wonder if it could be that the dog isn't responsible for its becoming dangerous and the Owner is??

I vote for mandatory dog owner certification to stop bad owners from ruining potentially good dogs.


I'm already aware of this info, as I have 2 pit mixes and try to stay involved in what's happening. Just wanted to comment - it's getting to the point where there's almost no place safe in this country to go with your dogs. I've been looking for months for a place to retire within 5 years WITH my dogs - I have to keep knocking places off the list because of current or looming bsl. This is ridiculous - my dogs are GOOD dogs. I just took the last possibility off my list...I guess I'll just stay where I am (in the desert) because at least my dogs are safe here. I'm disgusted and disheartened, but it just makes me want to fight MORE! Damn Peta, and damn the media and damn the legislators!


Well first of all I know a few states do ban specific breeds, such as Michigan is anti wolf-mix, and my current state, Florida, did just institute a Pit ban (excuse me, Staffordshire Terrier, to be exact).

As for others who have posted here...I think some people need to read before posting, this list is 'not' just banned breeds, but breeds that are also being forced out due to 'breed restrictions AND weight/size restrictions'.

In the Tampa bay area alone, I searched for 4 months at every Apt. complex I could locate, and out of over 100 in the Clearwater/St. Pete area alone, I found 3, that's THREE, that would allow any animal over 25 pounds, and we won't even get into the high deposit or the added 'monthly' charge, let alone the breed restrictions they ALL had.( I even found a few that wouldn't allow Ferrets, birds, or fishtanks.)

Banned or restricted, is all the same in the long run...when it comes to families not being allowed to protect their home/valuables/children with something 'other' than a gun or 'expensive' and basically 'useless' alarm system. ( a dog will chase a potential theif away with just a bark, how long does the alarm company take to respond???? )

Just my 2 cents worth.


That list is... ugh. First of all, they have no reason to ban/restrict those breeds. (Responsible Dog Owners? Pah!) Second, half of them aren't breeds/are spelt incorrectly/have the wrong name. Examples:

2. Akbash Dog
6. German Shepherd Dog
8. American Husky doesn't even exist... O.o There are Alaskans, which are just a mix of breeds, and Siberians, which are also on the list...
11. Wolfdog. Why does every other breed have American in front of it??
13. Arikara Dog. I'm going to go and see if this actually is a breed...
17. Groenendael. Why do the other three Belgian Shepherds keep their names while the fourth gets slapped with "Belgian Sheepdog"? This is a pet peeve of mine.
18. Belgian Tervuren
19. Blue Heeler is just another name for the Australian Cattle Dog, which is already on the list.
20. I believe this is spelt "Boerboel".
33. Colorado Dog. I'm not entirely sure this is a real breed.
35. Dogo Argentino. No "de" at all.
39. American Eskimo Dog. OK, I've seen pictures of what people simply call "Eskimo Dog" but those are mixes. So if AED was what these people were thinking, great, they don't know what they're banning. If they're banning mixes...
44. German Shepherd Dog. Exactly the same as the "Alsatian Shepherd" (interesting story behind the name Alsatian, I may post it later...) so they're thick enough to have the same breed twice, with an incorrect name the first time!
45. Golden Retriever. When you take away my Goldens... -pounds fist-
46. Greenland Dog
48. Great Pyrenees. Or Pyrenean Mountain Dog, if you prefer, but these sad sacks might have problems spelling it.
49. Italian Mastiff. Think this could be a breed, but I do have my doubts... any Mastiff people out there who can help?
53. Kotezebue Husky. WTH is this?
55. Labrador Retriever. -laughs- Sorry, love, but banning the #1 most popular breed in America and various other countries isn't going to work.
62. Presa de Mallorquin. Again, I've never heard of it.
66. Saarloos Wolfhound. O.o
72. Timber Shepherd?????
74. Tundra Shepherd... come again?
75. Wolf Spitz. I think this is a breed. I think it isn't. Help?

Mmmm... sorry guys, but I find this more funny than frightening.

Caroline Bennett

This list is insane and shows just how mad the people in the world are. What in the name of all things holy are the Borzoi and the Scottish Deerhound (two of my personal favorites) doing on it, I'd like to know?! The entire thing seems incredibly arbitrary. How can there possibly be this many banned/restricted breeds? What happened with a lot of these, anyway, did ONE person claim they were snarled at or nipped by one dog who may have belonged to the breed, and then some nutcase decided to place restrictions on the whole breed? Where will the list ever end, I wonder? When there are no dogs left unattacked? My breed, the Saluki, is not on here, and I thank goodness for that. Nor is the Afghan hound or the Bedlington terrier (my other favorites.) But there are far too many (well, really, any more than zero is too many in my opinion.) And there are so many breeds I'd expect to see on such a list before many of these. I'm baffled. The most horrendously aggressive dog I've ever had was a Maltese, but I don't see them on here. Surprisingly I also had a pretty aggressive Bloodhound; they're absent too. Which is good. But I have a Great Dane and Mastiff cross--both breeds present. For shame. I'm dismayed at the Kuvasz being there too, personally. But honestly? I can't figure out half of the list. What are all these dogs doing on it? Appalling. :/

Victor de Coito Pita

I live on the island of Curacao, it's an island in the Caribbean.

Today July 4th 2007, they've put a story in the newspaper that the pitbull ban will go in effect around august :S :S ... they've only spoken about pitbulls.
People with a pitbull must register them and sterelize them, and if your pitbull is pregnant, once it gives birth,you must sterelize it,and you must sterelize the puppies... so basically after more or less 10 yrs, there will be no more pitbulls.

I'm supposed to be getting a rottweiler end of august, so i hope it won't be against rotties :S :S :S .. and my father will be getting a neo mastiff.

It's a shame !!! I'm so against this. I feel like puking.

So around the globe, every dog breed is getting banned...they are forcing us to buy all the "pet" breeds, chihuaha's , poodles , yorkies ... and not to forget the "labradoodles" , the "pikipoos" .... it's a shame !!!

Politicians want us not to have guard dogs, but THEY on the other hand do have GUARDS outside of their houses to guard their house.

Sorry for the long story, but I had to take this out. I felt so pissed and annoyed after reading the story in the paper.

David Aiso

Can anyone tell which cities and towns specifically ban Rottweilers. Thanks
David Aiso

 D. Shields

We may be able to change laws, or head off bad ones with our votes, but the media-?
The can sell more newspapers, or get a larger viewer audience just by using the words, "pit bull". They know this & capitalize on it.
My own local paper has a blog/discussion section on it's website. They posted a breed ban question after a serious dog attack. They got 65 replies, & those were just the ones they posted. (The usual responses are between no responses & three.)
Media of all sorts are feeding off us, & the dogs. I almost regret replying to BSL subject matter in most media, esp. the ones who can post anti BSL responses, & do a hatchet job the same day on dogs & owners.

Cait Schmidt

I cannot find any information on pug bans! I have a baby pug and the only thing he does is playfully attack your feet. Why would such a good little breed be banned?

EDITOR's NOTE: Hi Cait - Please check with RDOWS - some communitites are banning dogs by description - and the pug - because it fits the physical descriptions, may be lumped in with other breedds that may fit those characteristiccs, such as Botson Terriers, Staffy Bulls, Pugs. etc. BTW - ALL dogs are good little breeds - it comes down to the owner, not the breed :-)

Isabel Williams

This list is so biased! My MinPin terrorizes my Rottie!


First I hear of this and I am apalled. Simply apalled. I hope that this can be stopped. I don't have any of the banned dogs. I say make a ban on bad owners. There you go.


What dee dee dee made this law up?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Ahhh, my Mind Of Mencia-loving friend, it is not just one person or municipality responsible for this mess. Check your local dog ordinaces and make sure you vote dog-friendly in you next local election!

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