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March 23, 2007


Ricky Hernandez

A couple months ago, after continuously researching different breeds of dogs that i would like to have as a family pet. I came across these lovely puppies mixed with mastif and boxer. Now these are some of the dogs i have been researching as far as temperment and the ability to train them. My main objective is to have a dog that is socialble with children, adults and other dogs. I didn't need a dog for protection, because i quite capable of doing so. I eventually brought home pictures of the dogs to show my fiancee and she also fell in love with the dogs. We then made an appointment and went out to visit the dogs as advertised. Again,these babies were beautiful and there were only two left, so we decided to get them both. Well after to months of shiting, pissing, falling in love and finally almost having them house trained in our new home, we're being asked to give them. See i'm was never a Pit bull lover, but since meeting my fiancee who has owned one in the past and seeing how unfairly they have been treated on Animal Precint, i've gotten a soft spot for them. Now i would never go out and purchase a pitbull as much as my fiancee may want one, nor can you because they're illegal in Ontario. Now hears why, we are being asked to give them up, last monday i decided to take my fat ass for a walk down Dundas rd and into credit valley park and back to my house. Now we've taken these dogs out on numerous occassions and never have been approached by anyone questioning their breed. Anyhow, upon entering the park a few kms in, i was approached by an Animal Services Officer from Mississauga, the officer began asking questions about our dogs, how old are they, how long have you had them and what type of breed the dogs were. After advising the officer that the were a cross breed of mastif and boxer, the officer stated that your dogs has physical attribute of pitbulls and they're banded in ontario. The officer then asked if i had any papers to prove the breed of the dogs and my identification. So much for a walk in the and why would be caring these papers on my person. I mean what do i have to hide, we bought to puppies crossed with mastif and boxer, why do i need to carry papers to prove what they're. This shit is crazy, i have two mixed kids with my white fiancee, one is olive complexion and one white pigment, i'm suppose to walk with a blood sample to prove that the one with the white pigmnt s mine. Anyways the officer then gave me several options, that i can surrender my dogs now an they would be relocated to Quebec or i can charged and summons to court. We still have our dogs in our possession and was given fourteen to calm down an make a decision as to if we give up our dogs, get a summons to attend court or ship them out of the province ourselves. I think it's unfair to be placed in this situation, because we love our dogs and want to keep them. Unfortunately for us, the person we purchased the dogs from, doesn't have any papers to prove the mother and fathers past bloodline and could only state that the mother is a boxer and the father is half boxer/mastif. if anyone can assist us or know of any way getting around this, please drop a blog at


It sucks when one bad apple ruins it for the rest!

Justin Loran

In regards to the previous comment:

It is quite plausible that her dog did nothing wrong.

The law basically says that if your dog resembles a pit bull, then you can't have it (it will be put down). It is up to the owner to prove that it is not actually a pit bull.


to the person named Natasha. are you saying that your dog is going to be put to sleep because it looks like a Pitbull?! why don't yo come clean and tell everyone exactly what your dog did, or you let your dog do, to be taken from you, put in quarantine, and is now going to be put to sleep? cause i don't belive for a second any dog, Pit or otherwise, is going to be put down. and, i do know about the law, cause i have a 10 year old Staffie.


Anyone with information on any loopholes in the dogs liability act please email me, I have started a huge fundraiser for my dog, and there are many up comming concerts to raise money also, if you would like to buy a ticket and help save Hunter for being put down, for LOOKING LIKE A PITBULL Please join this group

Or email me at


People of this country should have the option of WHICH breed they want to own. I have bred pits for 28 years and have bred them to betrter the breed. We breed aggression OUT, only breeding the most stable and mellowest to like animals. I know all you game bred fanatics out there will hate that. But ifd we as responsible owners and breeders want to keep our breed we need to have owner and community friendly animals. Any breed will instinctively protet their family no matter how they are bred and that is basically what you have a dog for. Family companionship and a good protector of your family. But you needent have a aggressive beast who lunges at other dogs or terrorizes a neighborhood! Lets get real and breed to keep the breed alive!

Rottie Lover

Please help us!
We are the proud owner of a LOVELY ROTTIE NIGEL who is our family pet. He is a second rottie and we just LOVE THE BREED. We have two small children who LOVE their baby so much and you have never met a kinder, more gentle dog.
We just moved into a subdivision last week and found out while proudly walking or baby that rotties are not allowed by law in the subdivision. I run home of course to check what I had signed and it is true we are so upset and sick beyond belief about this. We are basically hiding him in case the town comes and takes him because of a complaint from a neighbour. The neighbours immeidatly around us are very support of and love him in the two days they have known him but I am scared. I heard that if the dog is over 2.5 he can't be removed and what is a say in is a different breed. Can they prove anything? Please help me!

D. Shields

I have read the City T.V. link, & some others this a.m. We have to wait for clarification, because as it reads, it makes no sense either.
(just more terms that mean nothing.)

Sharon M.

I hope this is the thin edge of the wedge and ALL BSL gets struck down, no matter where. Denver is still anti bully breed and so are other North American areas.

Semavi Lady

"It's the first crack in the dam of what could be a very big legal flood." -- I love the subject line. I'm hoping for the best.

LeeAnn O'Reilly

At this time, the members of the Banned Aid Coalition DO NOT FULLY know exactly what the ruling means for responsible dog owners in Ontario.

PLEASE do not assume anything at this point folks.Once we have a better understanding,the information will come directly from Ruby's office.

Sandi Coy

That is one step in the right direction. Now on to phase two, get them to stop ALL BSL. Right beats might yet again!

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