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February 02, 2007



Wow, this blog is so funny!

M.K. Carpenter

Below is a letter to the editor that appeared in The Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk, VA). I hope it will give some of the people who've written in below something to ponder. I also wonder if those of you decrying these not-guilty verdicts feel the same way when VIDEOTAPED evidence of slaughterhouse workers, e.g., those recently in West Virginia, treating farmed animals with EXTREME UNTHINKABLE cruelty fails to convince the local D.A. to even press charges? I seriously doubt it. Why? Because most of you could care less about the miserable lives led by BILLIONS of farm animals that wind up on Americans' plates every year.

FWIW, I lived for a year and a half in Windsor, NC, about 25 miles from Ahoskie, and I can personally attest through numerous examples of the backward and unenlightened attitudes that pervail there regarding ALL animals, including "pets."

North Carolina’s Treatment of Animals is the Crime

Phyllis Stein

The fact that PETA workers are being accused of animal cruelty is a twisted miscarriage of justice. The people in North Carolina should be outraged, but not at the PETA workers. They should be outraged and ashamed of the longstanding terrible conditions that drew PETA workers there in the first place.

I am not now, and have never been a member of PETA, but as executive director of the Chesapeake Humane Society and a Virginia state humane officer in the 70’s, I had many calls from people of North Carolina who routinely dropped injured or unwanted animals across the state line because they got no help from their own counties and trusted that Chesapeake and other Virginia communities would provide help for the animals that they could not get in North Carolina.

Thirty years ago Chesapeake was also in the headlines after an investigator from The Humane Society of the United States told us that we had “the second worst animal facility in the United States”. The newly formed Chesapeake Humane Society had called for the investigation of our city pound, in large part, because of the barbaric way unwanted animals were disposed of. At that time, the Chesapeake wardens were using the same methods that are still being used in N.C.. They either shot the animals or suffocated them in gas chambers.

At the suggestion of HSUS, we asked the veterinarians in Chesapeake for help. It was agreed that The Chesapeake Humane Society would pay for the sodium pentobarbital and the veterinarians would take turns each week euthanizing the animals until the wardens could be trained to do it.

The wardens were not used to handling the animals up close. They used snare poles, (long poles with nooses) even when putting the animals into the gas chamber. They would swing them by their necks like fish from poles and cram them all together in the box, grown dogs and cats along with puppies and kittens. It was brutal and shocking to witness, but I saw it and made a call to HSUS in Washington, D.C.

Furious that I had reported them, the chief warden came up with an idea that he thought would send me away for good. He said that the wardens would learn the more humane way of euthanizing the animals but only if I learned to do it too. I was stunned by the suggestion and left the pound in shock. I called the investigator from HSUS and asked her what I should do. “Learn to do it”, she said, “You can’t ask them to do things that you aren’t willing to do yourself”. I spent a sick and sleepless night and then called Maynard Johnson, the humane officer at Norfolk SPCA. As heartbreaking as the job was, he showed me that at least the animals were held , gentled and petted before being given the injection. It was obviously a kinder and easier death that what they endured at the Chesapeake Pound .

After another sleepless night, I accompanied one of the veterinarians to the Pound the next day and euthanized two dogs myself, one adult female and one tri-colored puppy who licked my hand as I held him. I am now seventy-five years old, and that act remains the most horrible experience in my life. But it also reminds me of one time in my life when my love for animals gave me the courage to do what the PETA workers now on trial in North Carolina do. The choices they have are like Sophie’s choice, certainly not something they want to do. It comes down to the lesser of two evils. This is not a problem just in North Carolina and Virginia. Until people all over the country do something about the number of unwanted animals coming into shelters in far greater numbers than can be placed in adoptive homes, they must face the ugly truth that some animals will have to be killed. And until the people of North Carolina step up and assume responsibility for caring for the animals in their own community, I hope they will at least have the common decency to thank the PETA workers who are doing their dirty work for them.

Editor's Note: Point 1 - PETA's "proactive" appraoch of "cruising fo ra killing goes beyond the bounds of ethical treatment of animals - BY ANY STANDARD.

Point 2 - The millions of farm animals that end up on dinner plates are a choice that people make. Apparently, in your view, killing and eating animals is not Ok - but killing animals as long as you feel morally justified to give them a "good death" is OK.

Point 3 - Last time I checked, this was still a democracy - and people are free to eat whatever they want - including meat. People who don;t choose to eat meat are free to do so, but like religious fanatics - some vegans feel it necessary to impose their morality upon others.

Point 4 - I find the striking similarities between extremist vegans and extremist anti-abortion supporters. Both are willing to threaten, kill, maim,etc. in order to stop the killing, maining, etc. Isn't that ironic? Signed - a former vegan.


I think it is pretty clear that the reason they killed the animals in the van and dumped them in dumpsters is that the word was beginning to get out about the high percentage of animals PETA was euthanizing, and they thought it wasn't good publicity. They wanted to make the numbers look better, but they also wanted to continue wiping as many animals as possible off the face of the earth. They thought they could keep the animals that weren't brought back to headquarters off the tally. Typical animal rights tactics -- if you don't like the facts, lie.


What in blazes is going on down there? Not guilty of obtaining property under false pretenses? GIVE ME A BREAK!!! There is no justice here.

Alice Michou

I have never been a " dog person " before I rescued mine on the street. He is now " my life " and I started discovering the pure beauty in these animal ( regardless of breed or color ). I am apsholt that there are such cold heart and sick people on this earth that would neglect & mistreat these vulnerable beauties. We should have a " true " Animal pet Rights organization to start a movement, educate, and severely prosecute these evil-humans.

I want to cry outloud for these animals....Is there a God ? Why all the humans angels who love dogs & cats did not and still not come to their rescue ???!


Alice Michou


This lack of punishment makes me sick. Unfortunately this all happened in a redneck part of NC where most people think of dogs as 'things.' The judge's ruling does nothing but prove this fact.

I'm horribly embarrassed to say I live in NC. Luckily I live in a different area where animals are more deserving.

Marychris Mass

somebody already asked this - what happened to the drug charges? They didn't kill them with their bare hands, after all. I am appalled at this slap on the wrist judgement.

Lisa Costa

To many people today these are just "dogs" or "cats". They don't register that they have feelings as well as we do. They think " What is the big deal, it was just a "dog" ". These people should have been made an example of, so that others would think twice before committing the same crime. But no, a slap on the hand, a punch at their wallets, a smack on the butt, and out the door they go. To get their other miniens to do their dirty work. I am a breeder. However, the homes my dogs go into are screened thouroughly before the puppy is placed. I also insist that if they can't take have the dog anymore, to bring it back to me, because I DON'T want to see my dogs in the pound. If shelters and pounds had a national organized database and a screening process they would be much more successful, and the turn around rate would go down I bet. Homeless animals are as big of an issue as homeless humans, but they don't get the same treatment. It's just a shame....


I dont understand how anyone could even find it in their hearts to kill an animal especially if it hasnt done anything wrong. I know that their are plenty of families that would love to adopt those dogs. Its just wrong. I hope that they get shut down and I hope someone sees them that doesnt agree with what they did and gives them a piece of their mind. What makes me so angry is if that happened to a person they would be gone for life but just cause it is an animal it doesnt mean anything? bull an animal is just as important as we are they have feelings just like we do and they are one of gods creatures just like we are. pardon me but i hope they rot in hell for what they did to those innocent souls.

LeeAnn O'Reilly


These cloaked in animal suffering, SICK DEMENTED PETA people just walked away from killing animals that would otherwise would have lived.

PETA decided life in a shelter is a worse fate than death in a bag.

PETA is now stronger than the law of humanity,dignity or justice.

I pray to God that all the minions of madness that support PETA will one day truly be served their own form of justice.



One other thing that caught my attention.

They kept saying the bodies would smell because of the heat so they wanted to get rid of them.

It takes a while for putrefaction to start and one presumes their van was air conditioned. I would think it would take a couple of days.

How long had they been driving around on these murderous outings?


Re: breeding moratorium.

Well, I'm definitely not with you.


Because I honestly can't remember the last time I saw young pups at the SPCA or in my neighbourhood. Most of the dogs in shelters are 8 - 18 months old, some older. They had homes - what happened?

It's not overpopulation, it's people who get dogs and can't maintain the commitment - or aren't educated going in.

I don't buy the 'overpopulation' meme. You will always have unwanted dogs. They had more dogs at the pound when I was a kid than they do these days.

If there is pet overpopulation, then why are so many shelters importing dogs from other jurisdictions and even from abroad for adoption?

Charles Cherry

This is just another piece of evidence that the American justice system sells out to big money. PETA employees DID murder these animals after getting them with the understanding they would be adopted, not killed before even reaching the shelter. I guess PETA didn't want it to be known that the 90% kill rate at their shelter is "dead" wrong. Counting the ones illegally killed by their non-licensed employees before they reach the facility it is probably upwards of 99%.

Pardon any typo's but this travesty causes RAGE in me, someone who REALLY cares about animals and doesn't just give lip service while allowing domestic animals to starve in the wake of the blizzards of Colorado and supporting breed specific legislations based on lies and hype. Not only is hypocrisy not part of their dictionary but honesty and decency are missing as well. May the judge and jury receive their due rewards of karma soon.


America really, really needs to establish an all-breeds breeding moratorium so that those poor shelter animals are given a chance at life instead of facing euthanisia. I'm not sure how long it would take to place all those shelter animals, but I really, truly hate to see those innocent, healthy animals being held in those cold, heartless cages, and then being euthanised when there are plenty of homes that would gladly take them in if breeding were halted for a period of time. Anyone with me on this?


Absolutely amazing, pathetic but yet amazing at how anyone could get away with doing what they've done. I can't help but feel if it were me or any other 'simple person' we'd be sitting behind bars for a very long time. Truly amazing.


I hope there's an appeal. I don't think the judge grasped how important this case was.

If they had moved it to an urban area, where most peta supporters live, I think it would have had much more impact.

Let's hope it's the beginning of the end for these arrogant, dishonest sickos.

At least it's in the record that they killed the animals and didn't seem to think it was a big deal.

I am not sure I agreed with the cruelty charge either but I certainly saw a strong case for obtaining property under false pretences, aka lying.

I hardly call dumping corpses into a dumpster 'littering'. I find that quite bizarre - aren't there any health regulations or deadstock rules in N. Carolina? There must be. Although, the shelter itself was just dumping them in a landfill. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be allowed up here, I don't think it is even legal to bury a pet in your backyard, although people do it.

They lost their van, and hopefully some of the misguided confidence placed in them by people who think they are helping animals.

At least I hope so.


what happened to the drug violation charges???


A slap on the wrist and a pat on the head.
How typical that PETA gets let off the hook yet again.

Dianne Singer

This is a travesty. Peta needs to be slapped down, and hard. A Peta vice-president used treatment for diabetes, developed and continually tested on dogs. Peta workers kill adoptable animals. I guess "hypocrisy" isn't in the Peta dictionary. It's certainly in mine, and it's exactly how I label Peta and the brainwashed Petaphiles who continue to support a $29 million organization that does not run a single shelter and wants to end companion animal ownership.


This sickens me. What is wrong with people? How in the world can they say this wasn't animal cruelty? Those animals were perfectly healthy. I hope the saying what goes around comes around is true. They deserve to get what they dished out.


What an absolute injustice! "LITTER". Wow. I guess I am pretty speechless. I was temporarily stunned when the judge decreased the charges. But today is totally mind boggling. I hope someone interviews these jurists to determine what was going on in their little minds.

Only good thing, really, is that the word is now out about PETA and its policies. (Although, my local paper never carried anything about the trial. It was all over the internet).

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