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January 28, 2007



I can't believe this, I was double checking to make sure I read it right. They think owning a dog is Cruel????! Wow. But putting a perfect healthy and happy dog or cat to death is humane? They need to have a dose of their own medicine. There far more dangerous than any dog I know.


I've donated to PETA in the past and now I regret that. I don't think PETA members should be blamed, it was 2 people out of thousands. However, if someone feels the need to go and picket and protest, they can do it on their own accord and not under the name of an organization. People ought to withdraw their association with PETA since now its pretty hypocritical to belong to a group that kills animals. With all the money PETA earns, they should be openning up animal shelters and having adoption programs rather than mass murders


This is ridiculous, I know people who work for PETA and they have cats and dogs at home, they aren't against that at all. Looks like you should check your facts!

Ms. Anthrope

I am rather sick to my stomach after reading this. I am a pit bull owner (and I would never own a different breed BUT a pit bull) I have NEVER had any problems with my dogs. I have a 6 month old daughter, and my main man-dog Bruiser LOVES her!!! F*** BSL, and F*** PETA..... its a bunch of bullshit....

Old Gray Dog

PETA is anti-animal and anti-human. What is it they are FOR?


So, CIGar wants to shut down Dog Politics?

Good luck with that, buddy. This blog is super-popular among intelligent people who get it. It's the number one source for information on dog politics - hence the name.

Most of us are people who have placed many unwanted dogs, helped out and donated to our local animal WELFARE organizations, regularly adopted dogs rather than buy them (I have three right now and for decades prior to now have ONLY had adult dogs from shelters or rescues). We oppose puppy millers, pet shop sellers and others who profit from misery - including the hypocritical money changers at peta who don't donate anything to animal welfare groups.

So let me get this straight. Just because you, a new commenter on this blog, think all the bad guys who read DP are evil breeders who don't spare a thought for unwanted dogs, it must be true?

Stick around - you might actually learn something about what's really going on, instead of focusing on red herrings such as 'pet overpopulation', to give one example.

Oh and by the way - you're entitled to your opinion and you're entitled to disagree. Let us know how your campaign to shut down DP goes, OK?

Anastacia Vaden

It is sad that one of the largest world known animal rights organization is actual a fraud and not enough people know the truth about PETA or maybe they want to avoid reality. The truth is that PETA kills animals. The truth is that for every animal adopted ten are killed in shelters. The truth is that society, news, ect. has given Pit bulls Rotts and other large breeds a bad rep. when the truth is that a dog is only as good as its owner. The truth is that there are millions of animals killed each year because there are not enough homes for them. The truth is that breeders are part of the problem. They think they are doing right by animals because they screen the homes before allowing the animals to be adopted. The truth is breeders are lazy people who want money with out actual working for it. The truth is animals are abused every day, every second but, no one is pushing for harsher punishment for these crimes because the world looks at a dog as a thing and not a living creature. The truth is everyone can do more.

Pam Leitt

PETA is an abomination. I have felt for years that they're in it for the money, the hell with the animals. Anyone who donates to them, is enabeling this terrible behavior and philosophy.


I am not a PETA person, but if you refuse to acknowledge the fact that there is a very serious pet overpopulation, then you don't give a rat's ___ about animals and this blog is merely a forum for your propaganda to protect your ability to breed and sell dogs for profit and too bad for the homeless animals in the shelters. I will do my utmost to get this blog off the internet.
Editor's Note: I am not a PETA person - NOR am I a breeder. Fyi - Little Miss Smarty Pants - maybe you never heard of free speech. If you want to defend PETA cruising & killing in the name of kindness - then be gone -this is my soapbox!


The creeps at peta were found guilty of 'littering'. Few days in jail, fines, community service, their death van was confiscated.

I'm pretty disappointed, I thought the charge of obtaining property under false pretences would stick for sure.

But at least everybody knows they can't be trusted around animals. And it's in the record that they killed them immediately after promising to find them homes. They didn't deny that, by the way.

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for the grasping, ignorant, pretentious idiots at peta.


Sorry, another overly long comment from me.

Of course the whackjobs at peta and other similar orgs support 'pit bull' bans. The elusive, vaguely defined, popular type of dog is ubiquitous. It's the vagueness they like.

A breed ban is an important first step down the road towards 'total animal elimination'.

One of my favourite points from the ongoing reportage at petakillsanimals dot com was the questioning by the DA on Day 7 (paraphrased here):

'So the shelter knew you'd kill the animals?'

P: Yep.

'Then why did you toss the bodies into the dumpster? Why didn't you just leave them with the shelter, which has disposal facilities?'

Yeah, how come, Ingrid?

These twits think having a dog is 'slavery' or 'exploitation'. Yeah, OK. My question is, 'who's exploiting who here?' I think the dogs are winning.

The other excellent point is that if the hypocrites at peta think animals are equal to humans, then bumping them off serially must be a pretty serious crime, no?

btw, I do actually think animals are equal to humans because humans are animals too. I just understand that 'different' doesn't necessarily mean 'unequal'.

Let's hope that this case opens the eyes of the suckers, like the poster below who thinks they've actually helped dogs, so that they donate to animal WELFARE organizations, not political machines who collect huge sums of money which is spent on advertising and lobbying - period.

Oh, and maybe a few of the peta inner circle, those who have survived cancer through medical intervention, those who use insulin and the rest could practise what they preach - maybe once?

All this 'let's return dogs to the wild' nonsense wears thin pretty quickly. Here's a question for you:

What wild?

Believe me, my dogs don't want to hunt, forego vet care, scrounge for dens, fight to survive, etc.

They'd rather lie around, ride in the car, go to parties and have me feeding, grooming and just plain loving them.

Pets, and especially dogs, are better off now than they have been at any time in history. People who work in shelters and rescue get a skewed view of things, much like the police - they only see the downside of life. The upside is so much larger.

Goodbye peta, we hardly knew ye.


Following is an email I received on a dog rescue list serve. This is reality - no one can save all the homeless animals - euthanasia is not an option. However, please become involved if you are interested in saving dogs:


"... mass-scale euthanasia is occurring daily now."
"32 litters of puppies arrived in only one week!"

Please, if you love kittens, puppies, dogs, or cats, consider opening your heart and home to an animal that needs you desperately. The animal shelter in Hammond, LA is experiencing such overcrowding and influx of new animals daily that mass-scale euthanasia is occurring daily now. 32 litters of puppies arrived in only one week! The staff there has also been cut by the parish government because of budget considerations and shortage of funds.

The workers there are doing everything humanly possible to save these animals by finding them new homes, but the numbers of pets in need is staggering.

PLEASE won't you adopt or if you can't adopt, consider being a foster for one of these little angels until a new home can be found or transport to a no-kill shelter can be arranged? Volunteers are working to find such shelters right now.

God bless.

If you can think of any way to help in this crisis,
please contact: [email protected] (@


A slight misperception here. PeTA is not trying to eradicate animals. They are trying to eradicate the human/animal bond. They don't have a problem with cats/dogs/etc living on the earth. But at a distance and untouched or protected or cared for by humans. Their ultimate goal is the cessation of human life. The world would be a far better place if not populated by humans. At least according to PeTA and other animal rights groups.

Don't worry, I am in TOTAL disagreement with their philosophy or the way they are going about achieving it. Katrina


this pretty much says it all, a quote from a local person

""The PETA people? Well, it's kinda funny," Willie says. "PETA is supposed to be an animal rights group, but they're going around killing dogs. I mean, you know, we've had women's rights, civil rights, and now they have immigrants' rights, and so forth, but all the leaders don't go around killing the people."


Seriously with the rescue comment? They call themselves
'animal rights group'. They say that they are ETHICAL. Please tell me how lying about finding animals good homes then killing them and unceremoniously (not that ceremony would have helped) dumping them in the bin at a store is ETHICAL treatment of an animal?

I walk the shelters A LOT; I do it because I'm looking for dogs to pull to place (gasp!) not in a trash bag in a dumpster but in a home. Wonder of all wonders, eh?

Peta has never been a 'good' organization. They have been good at selling themselves as a 'good' organization. They are very good at gaining celebrity supportand, apparently, celebrities don't do any sort of background check on them.

Peta has never been 'for' animals. They have always been 'anti-pet'. There is no good that can come from an organization that completely wants to do away with pets. They are a group of self absorbed, narcissistic asses. They have NOT helped the animals.

VEGAN PIT BULL OWNER (not guardian, damnit!)

Meaghan Edwards

"I really, truly, absolutely don't understand why a dog support group would blast PETA - a group that has benefited animals more than any other organization in history."

They support Breed Specific Legislation -- and ending pet ownership. That gives me any reason why any dog group would be against them.

THAT has got to be some sort of sick joke to dump those poor animals behind Piggly Wiggly.

Tiffany S

This all I have to say in response to C.J.G.:
In 2005 PeTA only adopted out 6.8% of animals it took in. My local high kill shelter has a better rate than that, and they are only county funded, unlike PeTA who is sitting on literally MILLIONS of dollars.

Jan B

A lot of people have been trying to warn the rest of us about PeTA, the K9 Kevorkians, for a long time, now. Here is the proof that they want our dogs dead. What more do you need to know?


I really, truly, absolutely don't understand why a dog support group would blast PETA - a group that has benefited animals more than any other organization in history. If you are an animal rights supporter, and are not making a profit by breeding, then PETA is your friend and ally. I am willing to bet that anyone who believes that it is possible to find homes for all of the homeless pets in shelters and that euthanizing a majority of those homeless animals is not necesssary has never visited a animal shelter. I suggest that, for just one week, you visit animals shelters in the cities around you. Better yet, try visiting a shelter in a large city in your state, and then judge whether euthanizing animals is a necessary evil. I worked for many years in a shelter that euthanized animals each week - there was no choice - there were too many animals and not enough homes. I suggest that, instead of focusing on PETA's euthanization policies, that you form groups to support the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs. Breeders and irresponsible pet owners are the problems - the shelters are trying to solve the overpopulation that those people cause.
Editor's Note: We think euthanizating an animal should be a LAST STEP - not the FIRST STEP. Furthermore, PETA is on trial for obtaining these animals under false pretenses by promising adoptive homes, then killing the animals in their van in the parking lot using controlled substances for which they not have a license- then illegally dumping their carcasses in a dumpster. Does that sound like animal rights?

Tiffany S

I think it would be totally fitting if they tried the PeTA crew as if the animals had the same rights as humans. Thats right, put them on trial for 96 MURDERS after all according to them a pig is a rat is a boy right? Give them a taste of thier own BS. And as for PeTa euthanizing the homeless and foster children? Well I am willing to bet money they would be ALL for it.

Pat Robinson

PETA should take examples of heros like Blake Kirschbaum, president of NuVet Labs who donated over $450,000 to no kill shelters in 2006. We need more people like this in our world.

Marychris Mass

How about buttons that say "PETA is dead"...

Jennifer in Michigan

I'm going to have to reserach more about PETA and who funds this organization! Unbelievable. First off the name of the instiution is all wrong. Such as the Humane Society. What is humane about killing adoptable animals? I'll definately want to read about any comments from those two - I don't want to call them people because I can not believe that people are so cruel! I own a bully and have seen what happens to the breed. I say animals LOVERS need to REFORM the system. Let's get people who abandon and are cruel to animals - to pay- literally - and this would fund programs or an orgaization that works to find homes for domestic pets:)


Peta is a sick group who's main goal is to eradicate every animal, breed by breed. They are pushing laws that have caused thousands of Pitbull's and Rotties to die for no just cause. Peta has caused a nationwide fear of the breed.All part of the grand plan.
It is time to vote out all legislators than vote to ban any canine or remove our right to own and breed animals. Get Peta backers out of office.
The people that ordered Hinkle to kill and dump animals needs to be on trial with her. Conspiracy to commit a crime. They should all be facing charges.


but who could be surprised?

you could say the of Newkirk's acolytes that they are "sheep following the sheep" but only humans are so mindlessly cruel

if anything postive comes out of this it will be the exposure of PETA for the monsters they are.

it's extremists like this that make it impossible to advance beyond the "animals are property; our only responsibility is minimal humane treatment" mode we're stuck on.

are there any animal rightists who aren't blatent hypocrites?

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