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November 14, 2006


David Finley

I have heard recently that in Bejing at least, the Chinese goverment will make an exception to the large breed ban if your dog is a registered service animal, such as a guide dog or hearing dog.

This news must be very depressing to She Who Must Be Obeyed over at PETA, because she takes a very dim view of service animals such as guide dogs, and would ban them if she ever got her way.

Yeah, us blind so and so's really abuse our dogs...


Having lived long and seen the great suffering borne by people and animals forced to live on in unbearable circumstances perhaps makes me see a painless death as a kindness. Many of you on this site care about dogs that is true.But possibly can't envision that a "kind death" might be preferable to a life that some dogs are forced to endure when no one, however vocal about rescuing them, is willing to take on the job. Pit bull's brutalized by their macho owners. Dogs left alone in backyards day after day, year after year.Sad dogs pining away in small cages in shelters, hoping that the next voice might be their owner or an adopter. Too many dogs unwanted, unloved,in despair. A kind final sleep may be what they would choose in the end.

Editor's Note: Perhaps, Anna - however, those animals cannot choose for themselves, can they. Which begs the question - who died and made Indrid Newkirk God. With what power does she and her organization sit in judgement above all others dispensing death, when alternative abound??
Perhaps even more to the point - the voices of

steve risher

Ah, the PRC, our government's second favorite country after Mexico. I'm not sure the US comes in on the priority list, but it's probably somewhere below both Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

And somehow the bulk of the major news media has long since forgotten to remind us that the PRC remains a brutal totalitarian state. With the Beijing Olympics coming up fast Tiananmen Square has been tossed down the memory hole and nothing basic has changed in China since then.


Oops I meant 'Western Europe and North America', not just 'Western Europe'.


In places other than Western Europe, as pointed out by GoodPooch, quality of life and approaches to the care of other animals are indeed very different.

If you live in a country where most of the population is struggling to survive, and I mean that in the most basic way, your priorities will not be dogs and cats.

For this reason, while due to my cultural experience I find it appalling, I don't criticize people who have a totally different approach to living things. For example, in Papua New Guinea, where my daughter worked for a year, the treatment of other animals would give most people in North America nightmares. I won't share lurid details here, just as I won't watch pornographic videos of animals being tortured. I have a good imagination.

We view other animals, and especially dogs and cats, as family members only because we have the luxury of doing so. Most people in the West, even the poorest among us, are living like Pharoahs compared with almost everyone else on Earth.

I agree that if you are concerned about animal welfare, then it can't all be about keeping your own slice of the pie and refusing to compromise or come up with humane, fair and workable solutions. Status quo is status quo - the antithesis of progress.

What I despise most about peta is the hypocrisy - using insulin, undergoing medical treatments discovered through animal testing, hiring spokes-starlets who eat meat, etc, etc. I don't mind what people believe but hypocrisy is something I can't tolerate.

I actually agree with groups like peta about a lot of issues but I've never donated. Before they became perverted and power-hungry, they were about animal welfare but that has changed. In the early days, I admired them for bringing issues to light that deserved to be publicized.

Where peta and I part ways is simple: lies, distortions, duplicity, hypocrisy, thought control and the lust for power just don't cut it for me. Not to mention the arrogance inherent in a 25-year-old money-grubbing organization saying that the dogs don't want to live with us any more, after a 50,000 year association. Newsflash: People Are Animals Too.

As for those who constantly lament 'stray' dogs, 'pet overpopulation' 'dangerous dogs' and other shibboleths, I say 'prove it'.

When's the last time there was a litter of unwanted pups in your neighbourhood? When did you last see a stray, starving dog? How many times have you been bitten out of the blue by a dog? How many abusive dog owners have you met in your entire life, vs dog owners who could maybe use a bit more education?

Most dogs I see in the shelter are 8- to 10-month old large male pups, which speaks to the fact that dogs are too easy to aquire, to easy to mishandle when young and that too many people choose a breed for the wrong reasons.

If you only view one aspect of an issue, your view becomes skewed. If I worked at the SPCA and saw only unwanted, ill or mishandled dogs every day, without putting it into perspective I'd believe that things were out of control everywhere.

The problem really is human overpopulation and all the difficulties that are created by that.

Statistically, especially with today's high spay/neuter compliance, vaccination and parasite control, the proliferation of groomers and trainers, nutritious foods, leash-free parks, medical advances, etc, etc, I would bet that overall, dogs are much better off today than when I was a kid in the 50s and that today's owners are much more knowledgeable.

If you live in a community where there are serious issues regarding humane dog ownership, then I would tend to address that locally, rather than trying to take a small example and apply it to the whole continent.


The PETA spokesman is merely saying that China has a very real overpopulation of dogs – and as a result, neglected/homeless dogs are suffering. She doesn’t endorse the government's killing of dogs, but proposes a grandfather clause that would allow the Chinese to keep the pets they already have.

As to PETA’s 99% kill rate – I don’t know where that information comes from, but in any case we have to face reality – thousands and thousands of pets are euthanized in the US each and every day due to the overpopulation of animals. It’s heartbreaking, but don’t blame the people who are forced to put them to sleep – it’s the irresponsible owners and heartless breeders and puppymills who are to blame. Shelters are forced to humanely euthanize animals that otherwise would be homeless and starve or die violent deaths. Rescue groups can pick and choose which dogs they want to rescue, and brag that they don’t kill, but it would be absolutely impossible to save every homeless dog or cat in America.

I can only say that the person who wrote that article should research her subject before she puts her views on the internet, because she is doing more harm than good. I believe that she is irresponsible, ignorant and uneducated about this subject, and she’s part of the problem, not part of the solution. She should be on her knees begging PETA's forgiveness.

EDITOR's NOTE: - Emmie - This is "She" Who Must Be Obeyed. Why? Because I say so - this is my soapbox. Here's a tip, honey - get youself educated about PETA's "spokersperson". I was, in fact, darlin' referring to that wack jon AKA Ingrid Newkirk - PETA's Founder & Leader. Anyone who is in pitbulls, rescue's pitbulls, knows full well PETA's stance on pitbulls - not to mention dogs in China. PETA KILLS, Emmie - and takes your money while they give innocent dogs the needle. Start looking at: - ALSO -

BTW - If anyone is going to be on their knees begging forgiveness - it should be Ingrid Newkirk before a trial judge for gross misrepresentation.

The dog restrictions vary by region in China. In some areas, dogs have been banned outright. In other areas, only large dogs are banned.

In other areas, there are large breeding facilities for bigger dogs, like St. Bernards, for the "fragrant meat" (dog meat) industry.

(Remember the scandal, a few years ago, when a buyer created a false front to try and trick the owner of a Crufts-winning Saint into selling it to a Chinese buyer; never letting on that it was destined for a dog meat breeding program?

You see, the Chinese like Saints for the dog meat industry because they grow quickly, and have a lot of "meat" on them. Like any profitable meat industry, you've gotta breed them to produce, and you've got to get them to market as quickly as possible. For example, most of the beef you eat is actually from cattle that was only on this earth for 9 months to a year. Just babies, really.)

There have been accounts of Chinese citizens openly resenting the exceptions made for foreign dignitaries, who are usually allowed to keep large dogs.

Some people keep dogs, against the law. By doing so, they provide a terrible quality of life for them, because they must remain locked away. Most are surgically "debarked", so the owner won't be found out. In those regions, the dogs remain isolated indoors, 24hrs a day.

The government has made public statements to the likes of, "China is a poor nation with difficulty feeding all its citizens. We can't afford to waste food on dogs."

But I remember when the dog slaughter began. I pointed out that if you can go door-to-door to find, and kill, dogs, in the hopes of "preventing" rabies; you could just as easily go door-to-door, and administer rabies shots. Countless international humane organizations would have helped with the costs, etc. The government simply didn't care.

They don't care.

One noted expert on the plight of animals in China is also an ex-patriot. He says, unequivocally, "Life is cheap in China, for animals and people, alike."

If you want a reality check, do an Internet search for "China" and "skinned alive", to see the reality of fur farming in China. It is extremely graphic and painful to watch. But the video doesn't lie.

Consumption animals aren't treated any better (in fact, in China, dogs and cats are usually skinned alive, before they're eaten, because the Chinese believe the adrenalin coursing through the veins of the tortured animal gives the meat an aphrodesiac quality).

For a less disturbing look at the fur industry in China, go to:

(and then choose your connection type)

As such, I don't have any problem with the verbatim comments made by Newkirk. If you want to read all sorts of other things into it, or twist it to conform to one's blind hatred of all things PETA, then fine. But the verbatim statments are fair, in my books.

Life in China is not like it is in the United States. There is little concern for animal welfare, responsible ownership, or even access to veterinary care (both practically and financially). Dogs suffer greatly in China, even in so-called affluent homes.

It is not a "free" country, even though there is no country I'm aware of, where dog ownership is a constitutional right.

Dogs suffer and die at the hands of humans, more than anything else on earth. It's barbaric, no matter where it happens.

And it is this "status quo" that is the REAL danger to dog ownership, whether we realize it or not, or even if we don't want to believe it.

With all the problems of unwanted, abused, neglected, and dangerous dogs in our society; if we don't do something to drastically require more humane and ethical conduct by dog owners, I envision a time in the near future where the privilege of owning a dog will be (personally and financially) too costly.

We're already seeing hints the process has begun.

Start now. Find a way to effectively address the problem of people who create unwanted, neglected, abused, and dangerous dogs, and you'll be protecting dog ownership, in the long run.

Choose to protect the "right" of these same dog owners to continue on as they have been, and you'll see where that gets us. Not a pretty future, I predict.

Dawn Benton

Re China and PETA. Evidently PETA is not doing much research on this subject of large dogs. China has a very large tax that you must pay to own a dog. Dogs are not given rabies shots because they are too expensive thus they have terrible outbreaks of rabies. Not due to the fault of the dog, but the fault of the government.

And evidently PETA has not heard of the Tibetan Mastiff. These are large dogs and China is promoting and establishing breeding facilities for these animals. They are also having dog shows for them. Some very wealthy Chinese businessmen own many of them.
China does not allow this particular large breed of dog to be in the cities. They are restricted to the country.

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