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July 06, 2006



I am a proud owner of an American Pit Bull living in NYC. I have called, written and emailed many elected officials at the city and state levels. I have had quite a few state that they will not support mad man Vallone's push to ban Pit Bulls. Every dog owner needs to write,call and email elected officials so that they know we do not support the insane actions of Mr.Vallone Jr.


I am happy to see that other people are outraged at this issue of making Pitbulls illegal in NYC. I live here and have 3 pitbulls they are wonderful and loving pets. They give twice as much love as they are given. I agree they should not be in the wrong hands for the wrong reasons. But there is nothing wrong with having them as a part of the family. This is crazy! What are they going to try next?


I'm absolutely against these ridiculous breed banning laws and glad people like you are speaking out. I've been a mobile dog groomer for years and have always found the 'pitbull' breeds and other so-called dangerous breeds to usually be the sweetest and most willing to please. You go, girl.

Julie Paladino

So how do we stop the threat of BSL in NYS? Peter Vallone issued Resolution 156 proposing to repeal the NYS law that make breed specification illegal. His purpose for repealing this law is so that he may propose a new law in NYC banning the breed of dog known as the Pitbull. If Mr. Vallone succeeds, thousands of dogs will be destroyed, not because they did anything wrong, not because they have a behavior problem, but just because they are Pitbulls. Unfortunately, currently the dog of choice amoung thugs and people who want to appear 'tough', is the Pitbull. As a result these dogs belonging to such individuals are often mistreated and sometimes become unmanageable. All you have to do is watch a few episodes of Animal Cops to see the neglect and abuse so many of this breed endures. Banning this breed is not going to correct the problem of bad and irresponsible owners. Instead, why not regulate the owners, restricting anyone with a history of violence or a criminal record from owning any large breed dog. What about monitoring people who breed these dogs, limiting the number of puppies produced and disclosing to whom they are sold. Just banning a breed is not going to prevent bad owners from creating aggressive dogs. There are plenty of large breed dogs around to replace the Pitbull. So next they can ban Rottweilers, Cane Corsos, Dobermans...soon we will all be walking around with tea cup yorkies. Mr. Vallone is dillusional if he truly believes his proposal will solve any problems. The question is New Yorkers...what are we going to do about this? How can we get a little public attention? Every Pitbull owner I mentioned this to had no idea about 156. What to do? Any suggestsions?

ED: Hi Julie - Yes there is something you can do - you can vote for dog-friendly candidates. Pick up the phone and call you local elected official and tell them that "My Dog Votes".

If your candidate supports breed discrimination in any form - breed bans, insurance discrimination, mandatory spay/neuter for specific breeds -or other anti-dog laws, then make your voice heard and make your vote count. Stay tuned to this blog and for more information in the next few months.

Jill Warner

I am writing to you because I read your blog on a regular basis - just an FYI:)

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bridget calben

FIGHT THIS BILL!!! i love my dog so much and he's a pit bull. i just had my other dog die in may (due to cancer) i will die if anything happens to him please don't let anything happen don't let this ban happen i work at 2 jobs involveing animals and i don't know if i could work at those jobs with this bill help fight this bill!!!

Lisa Anziano

New Yorkers Please don't let a dog ban happen in NYC. Read and respond to your local assemblymen about Resolution 156. Visit click on issues and read resolution 156. Please send your letters!!! MY DOG VOTES!!!

Christine Guttilla

Add Councilmember Peter Vallone, of Astoria, Queens, NYC.

"City Councilmember Peter Vallone submitted Resolution 402 to the New York City Council on June 7. The resolution calls upon the New York state legislature to rescind the pre-emption law which prohibits ordinances which define dangerous dogs by breed in New York State."

I lived in Queens most of my life and this is definitely a case of Mr.Vallone needing another (if he has ANY) feather in his cap.

Maureen Hill-Hauch

Mahlon, Excellent!!!

What I want to know is this, why are all the "good" people of NY allowing this to happen?

Besides you and a few others is anyone minding the cookie jar or are people still ranting and raving on the internet about what should and should not be done!

It appears to me that your legislators have far too much time on their hands when they cannot think to write a good bill to protect children, reduce taxes and crime....cripes are dogs responsible for all that?

With organizations like the AKC right there in NY, the largest dog organization in the country how come they allow this many bills? Why do they not have a lobbyist in NY, their home state. Oh, that is right they fought the crop and dock! Go figure!

You and the Dog Federation are off to a good start..keep it up!

Teri Johnston

As another New York state resident Thank You for this post. Please let me know who the other legislators in NY are that author bad dog laws. MY DOG VOTES

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