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April 05, 2006



I cannot agree with your commentary on the forum. Its dispicable that you would attempt to describe a legislative action of the will of the people of Denver with the historical example of the genocide of a race of humans. The peoples of Israel deserve better than that.

All of this is over a dog. I like dogs. I especially like dogs that aren't bred to injure, maim and destroy. I love the quest of taming a wild and aggressive Chihuahua into becoming a friend. I relish opportunities to socialize with someone else's dog.

I run in fear of the concept of me or my grandchildren being attacked in their own front yards by roaming packs of 2 to 5 aggressive dogs. Amazingly, these packs always feature at least three pit bulls (or any of the dogs in question: Americans, Staffordshires, etc.)

Oddly, these dogs operate loosely in the neighborhood and are rarely approached by humans. They exhibit aggressive tendencies and merely roam the neighborhoods, defecating and urinating on whatever they want.

Enough dammit. The owners should be held accountable, but typically aren't. The dogs routinely threaten others and other leashed pets and no one can stop them.

Here's a thought for all the softheads writing "poor doggie" stories in this forum: I will kill the first aggressive dog in my yard that demonstrates anything but absolute respect for the children and my property.

I know my last paragraph reads angry; and frankly it is. Everyone says its the way they are raised. Odd how its always one of three breeds that end up eating people or other animals.

Have you ever seen a roaming pack of collies or goldens or labs looking for children to devour and other animals to kill? My point exactly.

What say ye now?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Well, Daryl - I say this:

1) This ain't no forum - let's get that straight from this start.

This here is MY blog - and I publish according to MY whim . Your comments re also published at my whim.

2). Ignorance, fear mongering and general stupity are not tolerated.

Why is it that people like you insist on spouting forth malicious lies - that somehow packs of wild-roving dogs - the mythical pitbulls - are roving the streets of Denver looking for thier next meal of fresh babies topped off with old ladies for dessert?


And yes, - you can protect your property AND your family deep in the heart of Amarillo, Texas from aggressive dogs - and people.

But shooting dogs based on what they LOOK like has no basis in science.

THAT is what say we.


Breed specific bans are ridiculous and always the work of people that completely misunderstand the problem. I was attacked by a pitbull when I was 11. Had it not been for the intervention and determination of my mother I would surely have been torn to shreds. It wasn't the dog's fault. It's owner was an idiot. I've always loved dogs and have seen first hand that breed doesn't matter. The first poster here talks about her poodle being attacked by a pitbull... tough break... but I know a PERSON that's been attacked by a poodle. So, can we destroy your poodle?


I COMPLETELY AGREE with Denver's breed ban. Los Angeles should have the same breed ban. Just as I filed my small claim in court against the vicious pit bull that attacked my poodle, the gentleman working there said it was the 4th pit bull claim he had seen in 5 months!!

Lots of dogs are abused and ill treated, but not all dogs have the capacity for destruction as pit bulls. I've met some very nice pit bulls, raised by people with great intentions. But also some vicious pit bulls who make me feel unsafe in my building or visiting my family's home.

Dogs should not be put in the same category as people. Other people should not have to live in fear because of a dangerous breed of dog that is made even more dangerous when they're in the hands of stupid owners, which account for 80% of pit bull owners.

EDITOR's NOTE: Jessica - the fact is that dog-on-dog agression - DOESN NOT equate to dog-on-human aggression. I am sorry to hear that your poopdle was attacked by another dog. Was it loose? Was the OWNER irresponsible? Just how did it happen? BTW - I know PLENTY of Poodle owners that staunchly OPPOSE BSL.


Well, you know, they are trying to ban these dogs to the point of extinction. Just like humans have made so many other animals extinct. It's pathetic how humans can be so cruel to animals and each other. I say we all start banning these idiots from positions of influence. Lets string them up and cut them open so they can bleed themselves to death. I'm so tired of how things are being run in this country. We all have our place in life and no one has the right to start killing animals off. Dogs only do what there owners train them to do. The only thing that is bad about dogs is if they get bad owners. People have to go through extensive screening in order to adopt someone else's kids, I feel it should be the same way for animals. Some people shouldn't be allowed to procreate or have any control over another animal. If I could afford to take in all those animals I would. Have a fu**ing heart people.

Rianne Bateson

Hm, i browsed through the site you posted, Jane Keppel... fear not, there's SOME good news: "Supporters: PAWS Regulates Breeders and Online Sales"


I'm for what's best for the animals. Santorum's Pet Animal Welfare Statute of 2005 (PAWS) would be a way to keep track of pet dogs badly treated by their owners. Even if Kane says that "large seizures of poorly treated dogs are anecdotes, not proof of a problem," we can't be confidently sure.

Jane Keppel

Kane pointed out dog acquisitions amounts to less than 0.5%, noting that the large seizures of poorly treated dogs are anecdotes, not proof of a problem.

read at


I'm a proud (and responsible) owner of a beatiful Staffordshire female for over seven years now. I came across your article through a friend i'd shown the sorryagain website to and was mesmerized by what i read here.
I live in Europe, in Portugal - a country that has had its share of problems (and still does) with types of dogs being bred for fighting purposes alone (as well as status, i guess) and my dog is often discriminated on the street. I've been insulted several times if she is not wearing a muzzle and yet, she is an obedient dog, kind to people though protective of her owners, she's never hurt a human being ever. She's suffered the prejudice the media induced on people, just like the one you talk about in your article, she's been tagged agressive by being born "the wrong breed", with no further reason whatsoever.
Even though, things have never reached the situation you are living in the US. It's shocking to read what they've been doing to your dogs and i wish i could help.
Please let me know if there is anything i can do to help raise public awareness about this subject, or anything else.
Me and Nyka will be glad to do anything we can.


Just found a site that sells great bumper stickers against BSL


I wouldn't normally comment on a post made by another but in reference to the post stating that 'hounds were bred for one thing' I feel the statement is incomplete. It should read "Hounds were originally bred for one thing: to detect, chase and kill prey in packs without the intervention or direction of humans."

Terriers, on the other hand, while independent enough to dispatch vermin underground, rely heavily on humans for direction and protection during the hunt.

As for the so-called 'fighting breeds', they did not appear wanting to fight other dogs, nor do most of them exhibit this tendency. Their original purpose was to control large livestock in close quarter. The fighting of animals is something which humans of a certain type enjoy and any unfortunate animals being misused in this way require a significant amount of training (and not training of the fictitious type disseminated by HSUS the last time they wanted to stop dog fighting, all the nonsense about starving them, feeding them chemicals, etc, but real training, conditioning and socialization).

I'm afraid that breed, a human invention, really does not mean so much when predicting canine behaviour as does a good, long look at the owner and the conditions under which the dog lives.


To those posters that don't know jack sh#t about bulldogs. They were NEVER bred to be aggressive towards human beings...NEVER! KNOW YOUR HISTORY BEFORE MAKING SUCH IGNORANT REMARKS. Educate yourself by reading Diane Jessup's "THE WORKING PIT BULL". Go to the United Kennnel Club sanctioned shows. And yes, I have an American Pit Bull Terrier.

Pit Bull Mom

Some horrible parallels people should think about.

BSL - Anti-Jews, Holocaust
Denver Officials responsible = Hitler and his officers
Death Penalty for a breed = Euthanizing every male child lest they become a Ted Bundy or Hannible Lecter or Unabomber....

Anyone else see parallels here?????


Excellent piece, as usual.

What is truly shocking is that on this continent we have allowed people who appear to be uneducated sociopathic hooligans to obtain positions of trust. When you vote you are selecting people you expect to be impartial, educated, intelligent and experienced enough to uphold the constitution while writing new laws but someone is voting for these people...scary? You bet, especially when these individuals forget that they are supposed to be serving those they are instead persecuting.

Society appears to be degenerating instead of continuing to evolve for the good of all. I believe the root cause of this is laziness and an inability to anticipate the outcome of an action - certainly, this would appear to be the case with banning a dog because of its shape.

It is a mindset which was perfected during the Middle Ages: blame and punish the victim, God is on our side, we must protect these people from themselves, Us and Them. This outlook has been fostered and promoted throughout history by those without compassion, understanding or an objective, global view of issues - those on a personal vendetta or wishing to promote themselves at the expense of others.

To think that this shocking display of barbarism is taking place in countries which arrogantly and publicly state that they are superior to other countries (I presume because of their material wealth) is a complete travesty of what rights under the rule of law are supposed to mean.

I dream of the day when tin pot unelected officials like Nelson and others who are elected like Wesselhoft are ostracized and ignored and I'm hoping that day comes soon.

Million Dog March, anybody?


Would like to add some sanity to this debate. Government does not have a vendetta against a certain dog breed. To compare dog bans to Genocide? Easy I know to see our pets with human attributes but compare it to what happened to the Jews by the Nazi's???

Government is over reacting to the publics perception. Who's fault is this not the dogs it's irresponible owners and breeders. Part of the problem is the denial that bull dogs are not aggressive geesh. Do any of you posters even have a bull dog?

Bull dogs were bred for one thing as hounds were bred to track. Some hounds are better then others but even the worst tracking hound can track better then other breeds. So goes bull dogs even the bull dog with the least amount of drive will tend to have more drive then other breeds. To deny this is not helping bulldogs.

Bull dogs are tough (Mac truck tough) which is one of the attractions as owners to have this strong muscle bound dog be such a big baby for us. Yes and it is easy to forget that this baby who shares your bed, wants to be a lap dog is such a sweet pet has capability to be lethal.

If you care about the breed instead of complaining about bans lets do something that will help the breed. Train, socialize and control you bull dog. If you breed be selective and very very careful where you place your puppies. Otherwise we will all end up with cats as pets.

Hate to get government involved but do we need to increase license fees for all dogs? Get serious enforcement on owners and breeders? Shut down the mills? I don't know what the answer is but to complain about bans? Acting like the government the ban is just a sympton of a deeper problem.

Rose Hutchinson

What a truly amazing article..WAY TO GO!! I can't believe they lump all Pitbull owners as criminals, druggies, and dog fighters, for crying out loud. I have worked hard all my life, raised my daughter, and I rescue German Shepherd Dogs. I also own a Pitbull mix, she lives with 8 other dogs, and is a sweet girl. I have had her sinse she was 4 months old, she's now over a year old. Abby-gale LOVES all people and other dogs, there's not an aggressive bone in her body. She's my very good girl. And I am OFFENDED by people that think Pittie owners are the scum of the earth, I even own my own home. I have ALWAYS believed that you Ban the DEED, NOT the BREED!! It's the irresponsible owners that give ALL breeds a bad name, and Pitbull's jaws DO NOT lock. Go after the so-called humans that don't train or socialize their dogs, it's NOT the dog's fault if it's owners are morons. There are NO bad dogs....but there are BAD owners.

Kory's Neighbor

Kory Nelson, RINO - likes to pretend he is a Republican in favor of small government and individual rights. He's really a hypocrite. He's for MORE government intrusions when it will enhance his career and give him more opportunity to toot his own horn. His neighbors here in the cul-de sac are intimidated by his large, vicious dog, but he won't get rid of it. (at least not until he thinks Douglas County politics will enhance his career.

Maybe Kory should go back to talking about crack houses with every breath and leave responsible dog owners alone. Remember, the breed isn’t the problem, it’s the owner (like Kory and his German Sheperd).

Christie Bonamassa

I think this is a very well researched article and I am glad I read it so that now I can pass it on. I currently have a petition that opposes BSL and I would appreciate every signature added. My goal is 5000 but I expect to get more. Thanks and this really is a great article!

Here is the online petition site:

Diana Walters

Please open your eyes to what you are doing! You don't kill an animal or person for what their heritage is.

What kind of "LAW" will allow such mass killing of the innocent?
The last I knew, this was America. What has become of us?

Please stop this killing!!

Here it is Easter and Christ died to save all of mankind. Makes you wonder why..........I'm sure he is saddened by what is taking place.

Sandi Coy

Yet again, you have hit the problem on the head. Is it truly the dogs they are going after or is it "those people" they are going after. I fight BSL in KY and have been to a city and heard a councilperson state "we don't want those kind of people here". This was said in such a way as to lump all APBT owner's in one group and try to eliminate them. How can we as an intelligent, informed society condone this type of prejudicial statement from a member of the political structure of a town? Have seen it happen, know it does all too often. How can we change this behavior? Only by education and voting out the politicians that perpetrate this myth. I wear my button that says "my dog votes" to every town I go to. Does it make a difference? You bet your sweet **s it does! I have had the media interview me because of that little button and that gives me a chance to let them know that it is not the breed but irresponsible owners that are the problem. We have to stand up to all the nay sayers out there and make sure they understand that it is the owner and not the breed that is the problem and that we need to stop the irresponsible actions of these owners that make the difference. My personal motto is I can make a difference if it is only one city at a time, sooner or later all the cities will have been visited and then we will not have bsl. Simplistic? Yes. But it works.


A guy from HSUS tore the city of Denver a new one on TV the other day! He really slammed BSL and this slaughter of the dogs.


On "dehumanization":

A local university professor, who is also one of those "terrible 'pit bull' owners", wrote about the power of symbolic words. In this case, she was talking about the Ontario Liberals' use of terms like "ticking time bombs" and "assault weapons" in reference to 'pit bulls'. Clearly this was the government's attempt to both whip up hysteria and reduce the dogs to little more than unfeeling killing machines.

We, as a society, are not expected to treat inanimate objects with consideration or care. We would think nothing of destroying bombs and other weapons. In fact, in most cases, we'd be considered heroes for doing so. A gullible populace begins to believe it is in society's best interests to destroy all 'pit bulls'.

By denying the sentient nature of 'pit bulls', the government turned the public's perception of them into automaton killers; unworthy of care, consideration and, ultimately, existence.

On "polarization":

Little more needs to be said than the dog owners who've faced terrible acts of discrimination and brutality at the hands of vigilantes who feel they're doing the government's bidding by attacking 'pit bull' owners and their all too many cases, these geniuses also targeted non-'pit bull' dogs and owners, in their fanatical zeal.


On "denial":

You will never find the politicians who pass this kind of legislation in close contact with the newborn puppies they ordered killed. You'll never find the politicians who pass this kind of legislation keeping a tally on the number of completely law-abiding dog owners and their completely non-aggressive dogs affected by their laws. They don't acknowledge the pain of surrendering a dog for destruction or the personal, social, and financial sacrifices associated with moving to another region in order to save one's dog's life. You'll rarely find the politicians who pass these kinds of laws admit they been a failure in reducing dog bites. In fact, many politicians will deny to the end that these kinds of laws have failed, despite black and white facts from their own city's records. (Kitchener and Winnipeg come to mind.)

Denial is so strong in Kitchener, that after the city banned the #8 'breed' in their dog bite statistics ('pit bulls' - but not #1 German Shepherds, and not even #7 Poodles), they also stopped keeping dog bite records by breed. We're left with no records to specifically refute claims about the reduction in severity of attacks (since no city differentiates between bites and attacks) or about which dogs commit those attacks. However, we can still look at total dog bites for the region, since each instance still has to be recorded by law. The numbers prove what city officials are saying is inaccurate. Dog bites weren't reduced one bit in Kitchener, even 7 years after the ban.

Denial is so strong that, when asked about the effectiveness of a 'pit bull' ban, city officials often try to trick the public by saying "bites by (the) dogs have been all but eliminated."

The public hears that and thinks 'dog bites have been all but eliminated.' But what the city official really said was that bites by 'pit bulls' have been all but eliminated.

...Well...I should hope so, since every 'pit bull' was either killed or shipped out of the region. Of course there are no more bites by 'pit bulls' after a ban. There are no bites by the dodo, the wooly mammoth, or any other non-existent creatures, either. Boy! Those 'pit bull' bans sure are effective. They apparently prevent tiger attacks (except in Las Vegas), elephant stampedes, and zebra kickings, too!

On a side note, the image of the white dog is actually a photo straight from MSN clip art. I used it several years ago, in a project relating to dog bites. The image remains unchanged.

Dianne Singer

Excellent essay, and very valid points. It appears to me that politicians in Denver, Ontario, Windsor and Kitchener do not have sufficient intelligence to learn, nor sufficient conscience to be ashamed of their actions. Judging a dog by its appearance is equivalent to judging a human by his or her appearance. Absolutely ridiculous. And making responsible, law abiding dog owners into second-class citizens because of their dogs' look is beyond ridiculous. However, intelligence and common sense have fled most political bodies, forced out by opportunism and ambition. To hell with the truth, to hell with citizens' rights, to hell with democracy. All that counts is what advances a political career most.

Donna Watkins

Wow, this one of of the most excellent, well researched, and convincing arguments against BSL I have ever read. Not that *I* need convincing, but there are many people who need to read this, and then once more, WITH FEELING. Thanks for posting such a great piece!!!!


The City of Killeen is proposing tighter restrictions on certain types of dogs; this comes after a number of dog attacks in recent months. Pat Williams has owned her pit bull, Cadillac, for six years, and her other pit bull Zena has been a part of the family for the last year.

However, Eddie is quick to admit passing this ordinance may be an uphill battle, because it goes against a state law prohibiting the discrimination against specific types of dogs. “It is contrary to state laws on the books, but I feel it’s time for us to do something, take some leadership,” explained Eddie. (enquote)

against the law, but we'll do it anyway. Have a familiar ring to it?

Maybe like outing a CIA agent?

Maybe like warrantless spying on Americans?

Mahlon Goer

Dog Politics calls it genocide.

And I call Dog Politics right on.

And as for the ultimate target of breed bans. . .here's a direct quote from Troy, New York, City Councilmember Mark Wojcik [keep in mind that New York State law prohibits breed bans]:

"We wish we could outlaw pit bulls. We want to make it as hard as possible for anybody who has a pit bull in this city."

oh, yeah.

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