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Pitbull Owners Survival Guide

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February 19, 2006



Its too bad people walk around with blinders on. I have a pit bull and rottweiller that i consider part of my family.They greet people with their tail, Stub, wagging. They enjoy meeting new people. It is the owners responsibity to socially intergrade them with society. when I hear negative stories about pitbulls and rottweillers, and the bad rap they get, I shake my head and I hope that you do too! I just felt that I had to say something in their behalf, if i did not than I would be neglecting their voice.


I have an 11 mth old rottie and he loves my kids. he follows my 12 year old around all the time. he toloerates my 2 yr old. I hate the fact that there are bsl. I agree with the poster about the ddo. Yes my rottie needs to be socialized more which i am doing by obedience training and getting him out and about but he is the biggest lovebug i have ever seen. I am hoping to get his canine good citizen in about another year so that i will have prrof that he is not a dangerous dog as so many people think of this breed. I have also just found out that come may all military posts are banning chow, dobies and rotts. pitbullsd have already been banned. I will be grandfathered in because i already own one at this post but not at any other post. I find that very dis heartening. I believe that if I own the dog before the ban i should be grandfathered in at every post. i feel it should be DDO on posts as well. Where we are stationed at right now, there is a rottie on our military police force. I would like to pride myself on having a rottie that is very "user friendly" as a vet I spoke with today said. just my two cents.

Alex Bedrick

Please somebody find a way to get this article published in more places because I am really sick of Pit Bulls getting such a bad reputation. I have a Pug that is the biggest sweetheart at times but I have also seen my Pug (Harley) put bigger and more "supposed" dangerous breeds in there place. Hell I've seen my Pug at less then 1 year old deter an Attacking Raccoon from Potentialy Harming me.


I own a full blooded doberman and she is the sweetest dog I've ever been around. She is gentle with kids and is basically a big lap dog. The kids in the neighborhood love playing with her and often bring their dogs over to play as well. I would have to say the ownership and training of a dog has everything to do with its mentality. If you introduce a dog to a variety of people and other animals, they are usually more receptive and won't get startled by something unfamiliar. The most dangerous dog is an untrained dog. In Alabama the dog with the highest rate of attacks was beagles, and rotties and dobes were two of the fewest.


I couldn't agree more! I have been looking up information on the MOST aggressive dogs and it seems to vary from site to site. Some seem to be misinformed in stating that pit bulls are the most aggressive dogs,and going as far as to rate them as number one! However I am a proud owner of a full breed pit bull and she is the sweetest, most well mannered dog i have ever met! It's time people stop being so damn ingornant and realize the dogs are NOT the problem! According to some other sites, the Weiner dogs are actually the most aggressive dog of them all. Of course you don't see them being slammed in the news, because such a small dog, doesn't have the harshest bit and really poses no threat to death in an adult. However the minutes some idiot decides to open an illegal pit bull fighting arena and gets caught, guess who's the bad guy!

Michelle Ryan

I had a rottie for many years and I never had problems with her. She was such a baby. You could be a stanger to her, walk up to her talking to her and she would roll onto her back fro you to rub her belly. I'm really glad there is a sight like this one to inform people a little bit better on dogs.


This is all so true. My family has a Pit Bull and nobody really knows how nice and loving they can be. My uncle had to get rid of his Pit Bull because of where he moved. That should not be allowed because he took very good care of her and she was a very big baby, but the landlord would not allow it. But the next week she let their new neighbors to have a Rottweiler! According to some statistics Rottweilers are number TWO on the top ten dog bites list. If that doesn't tell you something, then you are literally stupid. If someone bans Pit Bulls from certain places, they should do research and ban other dogs that are on the top ten, if not ALL dogs because all dogs can bite. Any family dog can bite. My dog is a Dalmatian and he scares the crap out of anybody that shows up at the house because he is chained up outside and he "smiles" and licks his teeth, but that's not because he's going to bite. It's because he's happy to see you. My mom got the dog warden called on her because of Speak, but the dog warden didn't do anything because he, himself, found that Speak was a very nice dog. Our neighbors wanted him euthanized because they were SCARED of him. Bull crap! No dog should be put down just because they LOOK vicious....Maybe if people did their research, not all this crap about dog laws would be going on!


Pit bulls do not have 3000 pounds of bite pressure. Great article overall, but that stuff about their bite strength is completely unfounded.

Dr. James

Dear Dog Owners, Dog Lovers, & those who genuinely care about Dogs AND People,

Just as cream rises & rocks sink, so too will certain breeds of dogs "tend" to be the ones most commonly associated with certain measurable outcomes. Outcomes like "number of human lives saved in rescue operations annually", or "number of ducks retrieved from open water", or whatever. It just so happens that Pit Bulls & Rottweilers (wonderful & beautiful animals that I love, utterly blameless for their breeding, training or lack thereof), possess the right combination of power, tenacity, & temperament to be the ones associated w/ 90% of the dog-attack fatalities in the U.S.

Of course, if those two breeds were somehow eliminated tomorrow then the breeds ranking #3 & #4 would inherit the #1 & #2 spots & everyone would soon be going on about the "menace" of THOSE breeds instead, etc, etc, until finally we were all concerned about the danger of Golden Labs & Hush Puppies 'cause they'd be the only ones left to fear.

I also always try to keep in mind that for every American killed by a dog there are 1,000 who die in car wrecks, but I rarely hear those who wish to ban or otherwise eliminate the most dangerous breeds (inarguably Pit Bulls & Rotties, if Dead Americans is the measuring stick) say much about giving up their cars. It depresses me to admit that this has less to do with absolute or even relative risk reduction but rather the ease with which one can self-righteously seek to limit the rights of others as long as one cannot imagine the New Rule affecting ones own life or interests.

How many non-smokers have I heard advocate firing (or not hiring) a smoker to "elicit beneficial change w/ incentives for good behavior"? I wonder if they realize firing unwed mothers or promoting only Party Members to high office were used for the same purpose. The incredible arrogance of Pious Pricks (Left & Right, Rich & Poor, bar-room lawyer & Supreme Court Judge) never fails to amaze me.

That all said, here's the hard question - What can be done to make Pit Bulls & Rotties less dangerous? I mean, if we really care about the dogs, Human Beings & less death between the two then this is the most important issue. And by "less dangerous" I don't mean the usual stuff about socialization & training & all that unmeasurable, soft-science crap, I mean less able to kill people. Not less likely, less ABLE. This is the only meaningly measure, the one being used to implicate these dog breeds as Dangerous.

Understand me, this means making the dogs physically different than they are now. Less powerful jaws (especially Pit Bulls - Jesus! 3,000 pounds of bite pressure! What are they, Bionic?!), less massive builds (specifically the Rotties - My God! Can you imagine dealing w/ a big male determined to kill you? How about two? How about a child or small female near & dear to you, since these are almost always the people killed by these dogs). I'm talking surgical trimming of masseter (jaw) muscles, elective removal of the largest ("canine") teeth, Breeder/Owner sponsored & sanctioned changes to the official Breed Descriptions to render the largest specimens ineligible for Show or even Papering, etc, etc.

I'm talking about changes that those who love Rotties & Pit Bulls might hate but would be willing to support & even champion because they love the Dogs more than they love the Breeds.

Those who carry .357's or .38's like to call shooter's who favor a .44 magnum "jus' crazy - w/ a Monster like that he's more likely to kill hisself or somebody else when the bullet goes through the Mugger & keeps on goin' than win a gun-fight." Of course, they're quick to label .25 or .30 caliber guns as "pitiful, what's the point of such a useless little thing?" Pit Bulls & Rottweilers are far less dangerous than driving to work every day, far more dangerous than almost any other breed of dog in this country. Those are the simple, measurable facts. What remains is what those who consider themselves lovers & defenders of the dogs are willing to do about it. Not lovers of the "Breed", mind you, but lovers of the actual living, breathing animals who we've made into what they are and are solely responsible for it. - Dr. James


This is the most collective truths I've seen about the 'dangerous dogs' subject. Well done! I will go so far as to say that this should be better published- placed in as many sites as possible and possibly given to a newpaper or two! But then again, That might make things too hot for the politicians and force them to heat up the competition.

All in all, Well done! I'd like to see more of these things floating around. As for the poli's, don't vote for them if they don't listen to reason :)

b shay

this is, simply put, the dumbest article i have ever read.

EDITOR's NOTE: You're so right - you may think it's dumb, but unfortunately it's true.


true but still the pitbull is harder to control than any other not just sayin crap cause i have one myself

Daline Bezerra

I would like to say thank you for all the truths you have put out...People now a days truly have no common sense and seems our city leaders are too lazy to even do research for themselves...
I would like to add that with owners of the breeds who normally are called dangerous PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use your voices..speak on behalf of your dogs. Be at your city council meetings, be present be active...Lets all network together and not allow anymore cities or states to pass such prejudice and unlogical laws..not to mention laws that are taking away our freedom as American citizens.
God bless you for this article written.

J Harrison

I appreciate everyones comments about how their pitbull is great, or how their rottweiller is very friendly, and i also appreciate the fact that all dogs pose a risk, but i still feel that it boils down to a simple fact. These dogs were bred for their size, power and quite often their ability to kill (from an animal sense of course not human). I know they were not bred for aggresion, and i totally agree with the fact small, especially toy, dogs seem to have a greater propensity to bite (which would seem logical as many of these breds were also bred to hunt and kill smaller prey), the difference is the damage that they are capable off.
The example I would use is that i have been going to soccer matches all my life, and English soccer games have a terrible reputation. I have never once been involved in a fight, but i have to accept that no matter how smart i think i am i never have complete control over the situation, so if someone was going to attack me i would much rather it was someone who was 5'3" and 110 ringing wet rather than someone who was 6'4 and 200 pounds of muscle and had been training to fight for years.
I appreciate that this over simplyfying things, and that there are cases of small animals creating terrible damage, but this is not the norm. I think many people, and certainly many that i speak to would agree with this. Most are concerned, not at how aggressive a dog is but how much potential that dog has for causing substantial damage. Dobermans, Rottweilers, argentino dogs etc. are seen as having a great potential for this (obviously one of the key reasons why they are used as gaurd dogs).
Unfortuanatly due to this perception they also seem more likely to attract the "wrong type" of owner, something which does not help their reputation and something that is a terrible shame for all the responsible owners out there.


Great article. I'm so sick of hearing about these "aggressive dogs". Because of the way they look I am sure people are just scared! Stupid people get these dogs and make them to be fighting dogs because they look tough. I have a beautiful 8 month old pup and hes such a good dog. He loves my kids and hes so friendly to everyone. The only time I've ever seen him mean was when this big headed Akita was in the room. People don't look past the tough exterer of the dog and think...that could be the greatest dog even. Rottis are great family dogs as well. My in laws have a corgi....hate it. He nips at you and barks at you whenever you move. In a book it also said a crogi will even bite his own owner!!!!


Some dog breeds were bred to be aggressive. To say that some breeds are not more dangerous than others is ridiculous.


I have been picking up stray pit bulls and pit bull mixes and taking in dogs that were used as bait dogs for almost 10 years. I have had them around my kids. Never once had my kids been bitten by a dog. Then one day, a neighborhood dog broke his chain and attacked one of my children. First thing everyone asked at the hospital was was it a pit bull? The look of shock on their face when I said it was a lab was priceless. Luckily my kids are aware of the fact it is bad owners, not bad dogs and my son has recovered and has no fear of dogs despite the several scars to his face and head.


It wasn't until I adopted a pit bull mix that I truly realized how many people judge a dog by its breed rather than its behavior.


I just want to thank you for what you are doing. I own a pit mix (rescue) and never realized how much hatred people could have for a breed of dog.
Ironically I have had her for two years and over those two years she has been attacked by a yellow lab, a maltese!, and a black lab. In all instances my dog didn't dare retaliate because quite frankly, I am a responsible dog owner and knew how to handle her in the situation.
As far as I am concerned it's all about responsibility, maintaining a healthy relationship with your dog, knowledge about the breed of dog you own, and again responsibility. Of which many people lack.
I would also like to report that I too am not a drug dealer, low income provider, bad person, former inmate, or whatever racial profiling you deem to be an owner of a bully breed.


well i got 3 amstaffs!! and they are wondefull dogs..never shown any aggresion towards humans..and are very loving..


The key here for these dogs is to SOCIALIZE SOCIALIZE SOCIALIZE!!!!! I have had 4 Dobies and my 4th is currently still with us (once they come to my house they stay until death do us part). Treat them in a kind loving manner, coddle them like a newborn baby, keep them in good health, and above all do not let anyone torment them. Protect them as you would your own child. I say this for all animals, but particularly the ones that have been bred for protection. Haven't ever had a biting or attack incident. They are wonderful dogs!!!! I like my Dobie more than I like most people!

Shari Riggs

I LOVE THIS!! This isnt what I expected either..but unlike the bonehead that was rude about it ..I loved it!This is ALL TRUE and the people who don't like it are the poeple who are probably recognizing themselves on the list! I cant wait to read more!!!

Tiffany (again)

I am for Dangerous Dog Ordinance (DDO), but not BSL.
DDO's target individual dogs who attack people rather than entire breeds, and are proven more effective than banning entire breeds anyway. But the stupid government wants the easy way out. And that easy way is BSL.


Finally a sane article, I have a 2yr old rottweiler and he is the biggest baby, my baby! I really wish people wouldn't judge dogs by their breeds, but by the people who take "care" of them. My dog is so friendly, he even let someone to come in my home and steal my computer!

Tiffany (again)

I just read some more comments. Quit being rude, guys! This is valuable information and if you are criticizing the author for it, YOU are the ones who are maggot meat heads.

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