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November 27, 2005


Jacqueline Gibson

You should name the top 200. Pet laws and bannings are out of control and need to be stopped. Since when do we, voters, adults, and families need to be told which breed we can or cannot have and what we can or cannot do. While I do not promote fighting or abuse. I do think owners rights and thier dog rights need to be protected. There are plenty of Pit Bull owners and other "Dangerous Breed" owners that are very loving and DO NOT abuse thier animals. I am one of them. I own an American Staffordshire Terrier/Pit Bull. As I have also owned them in the past. I have done Pit Bull rescue before as well. Whatever happend to hold poeple/HUMANS accountable for thier actions. If a dog is aggressive I know for a fact it is not the dogs fault. It is the owner. The HUMAN that teaches bad behavior. Pit Bulls thrive on kudos and "good dog". They are always the best at what the are tuaght. I am so enraged that poeple can't see what the real problem is. Just a hint, IT IS NOT THE BREED OR THE DOG. ANY DOG CAN BE TRAINED TO FIGHT. We have to fight for a families, mine includes my dog.

Kathleen J. Larsen

You are so right! I will not vote for any of these people on the list.
However if the courts did their job on individual cases it would help! My son & his dog were attacked by a Pit Bull. His hand was injured. He found the owner of the Pit Bull and the judge let him off! He claimed he was just "careing" for the dog. He should have been fined, paid court costs and damages. We are not against Pit Bulls or any other breed. I raise German Shepherds. My dogs are kept in. SPCA needs to do their job! In our town you cannot comfortable walk, run or bike without being chased or threatened by loose dogs. However instead of enforcing the leash laws already on the books the SPCA is busy rideing around in their trucks hasseling Breeders. They have entered Breeders yards when not home. This is the other side of the coin. The pound is full to capacity with cross bred unnuetered & nnspayed dogs. KJL


These people sound like a bunch of idiots. If a person is an irresponsible dog owner, it doesn't matter what breed of dog they have, it is still capable of biting someone. It's time to start holding people responsibile for their animals, and quit using a spacific breed of dog as a scape goat.
People that are ignorant to animals and their behavior shouldn't have a say one way or another.

Lisa Calvin-Burtsche

Stop punishing responsible dog owners because of a few bad dog owners. There are better ways to handle this then to kill dogs because of their breed.

Ellen Opp

To Mayor Colin Kinsley:
I must protest the continued Breed Specific Legislation Bylaw, and I did not vote for you because of it. This bylaw is not effective, and only punishes those who are law abiding. Do you seriously think a guy who lets his dog run loose, fight other dogs or kill small animals, and bite people is going to suddenly “firmly hold on a leash, by a person competent to restrain the DANGEROUS DOG, and muzzled by a properly fitted humane device” his dog? What planet do you live on?

The only people who will comply with such a bylaw are those who are responsible dog owners who respect the law, and as such, their dogs are not a danger to the public. These are also the people who buy kennel licenses, and dog licenses.

It also seems unfair to post signs that read “Dangerous dogs on premises” if the dog that lives there is friendly and well trained, and has never evinced any aggression to anyone, simply because it has some “bull” breed in it. Surely a protective German Shepherd or Rottweiler would be as “dangerous” if not more so. The whole concept is flawed.

It would be like posting “Dangerous Offender” outside a man’s house who had never been convicted of a crime, simply because of his race. This is obviously wrong. The same logic follows with the restricted dogs.

I will never vote for anyone, municipally, provincially, or federally, who uses such a line of reason. This is how dictators come into power. Their thinking shows up in the small things at first, easily ignored, but once they have power, the full potential of the destruction these people can cause humanity is proven by history.


Ellen Opp

Ellen Opp

The Mayor of Prince George, BC, Canada, Mr. Colin Kinsley, also has BSL introduced under his watch.

Teresa Williams

How about making a spot where we can keep information on the GOOD guys/gals? I've seen several elected (and non-elected) officials who oppose the breed bans and support SENSIBLE dangerous dog legislation. There is no doubt that irresponsible ownership causes a public safety issue (though not even close to how it is represented in the media). Often it is an issue of non-enforcement of what is already on the books! It would be great if the good guys knew they have voter support.

Selma Mulvey

Wow! Thanks to all the voters out there who saw fit to place our loquacious and stubborn Attorney General, Michael Bryant, right behind Rick in second place! As all Canucks know, you have to hit it big in the States before you can become a star here at home. Hope his stringer picks up the story!

Linda D. Witouski

Another well done...Bravo !! I'm still looking to get that extra lever at the polls...NONE OF THE ABOVE/MY DOG VOTES since I cannot get an answer from Bob Casey, Jr. after an even dozen letters and as many phone calls to find out what HIS position is regarding animals ... I think it's time we start PSL (politician specific legislation) and start to ban them. Well done article, again !!

DogLegislation List Owner, Pa.

Barbara Welch

I am sending this onto many, many (320) folks who may join :) Great job Barb

Sandi Coy

Love the list I know we could only have ten but I still think Kory Nelson assistant city attorney in Denver should be at the top of the list. Without his help and "guidance" countless other cities would not have looked at banning any breed. JMHO. Sandi

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