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November 30, 2005



I LOVE PITTIES AND ALWAYS WILL!!!!their loveable and smart.This whole ban shocks me and i cant bring myself to understand why people would want to kill a helpless animal.They need to understand the nature of these animals are very nurturing and it is humans and their owners that turn these dogs agressive, which u can also do with a shitzu or any their going to go after rotties and mastiffs, so wuts next, CATS!!???!!!!HAMSTERS!!!???!!!!who really knows,they try to take away breed and act like its non-existance, we just should act like government and laws and political bull is non-existance,then there wouldnt be this evilness of trying to take away LIFE!!!!!!!!!!


I guess that Simpsons episode had it right along:
"F*** Canada."...
i really am having a hard time believing this though. If this is true, McGuinty & Bryant back opinions which will exit them from politics quickly.


all of the people who want to ban or kill pitbulls are sick bastards because if you train them right they are the nicest things on earth and just so you know all dogs can be a threat to society but you have to give them love and they will be the greatest things ever how does anyone have the heart to hurt them or put them through torture just so you know i believe at giving anything a second chance at life just think about it before you go and kill them and if you where to you would have to be the biggest a** holes in the world and you should go to hell and by the way i have one named blondie and shes the nicest thing in the world she wouldnt even hurt a fly so just use your head before you go and hurt them and by the way I LOVE PITBULLS<3 all of you who just want them gone are just stupid as hell


dogs have a right...if they are raised bad they well behave bad but that can be fixed and whose fault is that anyway not to mention how many homicide do we have some parents against there own children and were complaing about some pitbulls what is wrong with this stinking human race people think before you kill a very innocent creature that does not deserve this fate...
what if you were a pittbull? also it's not only pitbulls killing so shutup and stop complainig!!!


this is insane! you cant just go kill inoccent dogs, they did nothing wrong. i work with and know many people that have pitbulls and they are the sweetest dogs ever. i work with movie dogs that are pitbulls. kill the bad owners or hurt them and make them bleed. kill the people that would rather watch them suffer in a fight. all these dogs want is love. they arent born bad, they are made bad. think about that before you kill a bunch of poor helpless dogs that just want to love their owners.

Jon Tambakis

This has to be the most terrible thing I've ever see in my life. This puppy killing isn't fair to the dog, maybe you should kill the bad owners who misuse them for fights. I am a white teenager who owns a pit bull. My dog Buster has to be the nicest animal I've ever meet. My dog wouldn't hurt anything. (He's too afraid)So please whoever started this puppy killing, hear my word and ban the shameful owners and not the dog.


Is there any way that this pit bull ban in Ontario can get removed?

Barbara Dempsey

My only statement is
Man himself has proven since biblical times that he is the most dangerous creature roaming this earth.What to do ???????????

Pit Bull Luver

This really sickens me, how can people be allowed to KILL animals??? Animals have just a right to live as we do!! Am I right?

Dianne Singer

Well, well, from the info in a Mailer-Daemon message it looks like Premier McGuinty's office has blocked my e-mail. Nice to know that the Premier of the province doesn't want to hear from a responsible dog owner who's madder than hell about this unfounded and unjust law. Wonder how many other taxpaying constituents his office is ignoring by blocking e-mail?


I have a possibly stupid question... Where do the conservatives stand on the pit bull ban?


Just one correction, McGuinty and Bryant are from the Provincial Liberals not the Federal Liberals who are the ones who received the "no-confidence" vote-two seperate parties believe it or not. That said, I denounce this fascist law and realize it for what it is, political grandstanding. McGuinty is right, it is the most popular thing they have done because a handful of morons and fear-mongerers with no education support it. No one has supported anything else they have done in office becaus they have broken every promise they made, bold-faced. This law was a way to do something 'popular' to get away from negative publicity but it is going to back-fire. This law represents a descent into fascism because it follows the pattern-take away rights from the citizen and enforce it with broadened police powers like illegal search and seizure 'justified by exigent circumstances'. Bullshit! The police or any othe government stormtroopers should never be allowed to kick in your door and take you or your property away on a whim. This is an attack on all of us even non-dog owners as it prepares people for a slow decay of their liberties. I will leave with two quotes by the brilliant Ben Franklin.
"Anyone who gives up liberty for security deserves neither" "We must all stick together or we shall certainly hang separately" - Ben Franklin

Gerald Martin

More accurately, Bryant and McGuinty should have called this garbage: LIBERAL Bill 666. They, and anyone who voted in favor of it is anything but a thoughtful, responsible PUBLIC SERVANT. As a Canadian I am thoroughly ashamed of them all. Sadly, as all dog lovers know, the dogs would be the first to forgive this barbarism.

Doctor D., Ph.D.

Ir is the human being that has made the Pit Bull have the "bad rep" that people have "bought into"! Some people "train" the Pit Bull as a fighter... these are the dogs that have ruined the reputation of the Pit Bull. Actually Pit Bulls are just as loving as any other dog. Killing puppies because of ANY flaw, is sick. Rather the adult dogs should be neutered or spayed to prevent more puppies being born. And any animal experimentation is archaic!


For the people that think this bill is fair, how about we go out and kill the races, with higher statistics of people, that are murdering others for no reason. Everyday, on the news, there is a body found or someone that has been shot by somebody else. Is this OK? Maybe McGuinty can call it bill 133!!!!


Well I for one have one of the so-called dangerous breeds. I am in Nova Scotia and in one area ROTTWEILERS are banned. I will be d***ed if I would get "rid" of mine. No politician represents my opinion and until they smarten up I will vote against any fear monger,vote ass-kisser politican. We dog owners spend MORE money then those who don't have dogs. Guess what...we pay THEIR wages ( even tho they don't earn it). It's time we as dog owners take a stand and make THEM accountable for the stupidity they do. When they call me for how I will vote... I want an answer first. " What is your belief and what are you going to do on BREED BANS"? I for one will fight this stupid law as long as I am alive. They will have to kill me before they get my dogs.

Marjorie Kelley

It's too bad we can't come up with similar legislation to exterminate ignorance and narrow mindedness and greed. But then, would there be any politicians left?

Stephanie Motley

Click on the link below & clink then on the video "Pit Bull Ordinance Drafted" Does anybody know how to help? They're proposing a ban of all bully breeds, bull mixes, Am staffs & Rottweilers.

Please take a moment to email saying that you are opposed to the ordinance. Cheri Hamilton is at the head of this thing.

Also, Denver's Pitt Bull Ban. Is this what Louisville is resorting to? Please help!


i think that is a load of horse shyte if you know what i mean. 1 individual decides to kill a whole race of dogs because of a few %^&@#$ up people. take those irresponsible people and put them out of their misery. i think whomever these guys are should have a hand in the destruction of those dogs and see what they will do. they sit there on their high horse and bark orders but dont want to get their hands dirty. a crock!!!!! i am not even a Canadian citizen but i do have friends that live in Canada and i cant belive that they would stay there and have to deal with mess like that. maybe if the people of Ontario would leave, what would they do then. JERKS!!!!!!!! oh by the way, i dont own a Pit Bull, but love the breed anyway.


I'd like to see these men required to kill these animals with their bare hands, in front of their children. How keen would they be then? Easy to condemn to death without having to see, touch, or get to know the animals. Let's see them put their money where their mouths are.

Cheri Williams

This just SICKENS me!!!!!! These JACKASSES gotta go!!!


bryant & mc guilty you are horrible people , when GOD passes judgement on you let it be as HARSH!!! AS YOU HAVE PASSED JUDGEMENT ON HIS LITTLE ONES.
You both will be judge accordingly.

Robert Bromwich

Gee - what is it with so called "Liberals" and outragous ideas? I know that Australian "Liberals" are dark conservatives but the Canadian "Liberals" are also serious contenders for loonies.

It is bad enough to read about animal cruelty but to read political endorsement of such practices really makes me question the morality and ethics of the people who make such pronuncements.

Dry Creek

We must do our best to make sure the Liberals do not get the reins of power back into thier hands this January. My babies learned first hand what this horrible legislation means when they were put to death by the OSPCA because of the Ontario ban. The youngest being a litter of 5 week old pups. I have been devastated by this and will never recover from the pain it has caused. To kill healthy, happy animals due to KKK type laws that discriminate in the worst way infuriates me to no end. All dog owners need to band together before this happens to the breed you love....

Dianne Singer

Why is Dalton McGuinty suddenly coming out of the cabinet and promoting this vicious legislation? Where is Michael Bryant? Is Michael refusing to be on the hot seat for this one any more? Are you a tad nervous, Dalton?

Let's give Dalton three puppies and make him pick the "pit bull" - Michael failed this test with adult dogs, puppies would be more difficult. Then, Dalton has to euthanize the puppy with his own hands without knowing whether he was correct about its type (not breed, since "pit bull" is not a breed). Only once the puppy is dead will he be told if his choice was correct. Let's see if Dalton has what it takes, if he'll put his money where his mouth is.

I am using the McGuinty Liberals' removal of responsible dog owners' civil rights as my lynchpin question for candidates in the upcoming Canadian federal election. My Dog Votes!

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