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« UPDATE - Dunkirk, NY City Council Woke Up And Smelled The Dog | Main | The PAWS Bill PART II - Money, Microchips & Big Brother »

September 22, 2005


linda gardner eye opener...
Where have I been?
Just doing some research on a behaviorist I took my dog to for aconsultation...........
dog shelters.. politics...
I'm exhausted and ready to have my animals "dechipped"..........
Please keep me posted.
Thanks for info..


I laugh when people say support PAWS because it stops Puppymills. Wake up! I tell them, Puppymills are covered by the USDA and are NOT covered by PAWS. Who wants PAWS? Why the HUNTE corporation because it will "hurt the competition" which could be responsible breeders (I know there are plenty of the bad kind though, sigh) who might provide puppies that properly socialized, healthy, and not raised in cages. Gasp! There aren't even enough inspectors (and many are buddies with the millers and turn a blind eye) to handle the inspections now.
We have to change how people view the responsibility of adding a dog to their family. You don't find a new furry family member at a pet store or in the back of someone's car at a parking lot.

Therese M. Festa

I really understand all of your concern about the emergence of the RFID technology and how it can capture and control data.

HOWEVER what do you think we should do with all the lost pets??? It is at an epidemic proportion in the US and the world.

All pets should be spayed and neutered …unless you live on a farm and are breeding your pet… are you going to pay for all the extra offspring????

I love animals like I love my family I see no difference, I am the guardian of 5 cats ... all but one was a lost stray..

Each time I have gone to countless databases and lost pet websites trying in vain to find their owners ... the last young cat I found I had him chipped with all his shots and I am glad I did. I love animals and feel they are entitled to rights as much as we are.

But I think you should offer some solution to all the lost and euthanized pets that I see ever day at the shelters...

I am not a lover of BIG corporate America’s greedy ways but pick your battles …. Fight what you do not like about the law but WE do need mandatory chipping …

Many pets get lost by pure accident and some owners are not responsible and if they lose their pet more than once they should be fined!

Each animal control office is isolated per city and we should have one master data base just like the amber alert for children.

Before we become hysterical and condemn something that really will do a lot of good.. figure out how we can make it more agreeable to all involved instead of

Shooting down that which will be much more beneficial to all animals

How many of you go on line blog and purchase products over the net and use credit cards … YOUR DATA is out there and if someone needs it they will find it..

oh by the way do you use cell phones … You all can already be located .. all phones have a GPS signal built in … BIG Brother knows where you are and where you go right now …. Work on the privacy and rights issues but do not stop the chipping of pets.. as Martha would say it’s a good thing ..

I would really like to understand in more depth why you are all so adamant … I would speak to any one on a phone call so they can better educate me …

If I have to see another family heartbroken due to their lost pet or another cat, dog put to sleep due to overpopulation.. I will lose it …

Pat Joyce

I am very much against the passing of the PAWS bill.

Diana Dowd

WOW, I would love to sare this information with people on message boards..... would this be OK?-- Thank you for writing this wonderfull peice please submit this to 20/20, 60 min ect... this is VERY IMPORTANT and THANK YOU FOR WRITTING THIS.

Kim Pezza

Those of you agains the PAWS, can also assits in its defeat by helping those of us working against NAIS. We feel that once NAIS gets a foothold, its only a matter of time for the rest. There are a number of groups to obtain information, like, Email groups are also starting, both on a state by state basis and nationally.
For those who do not know, you do not have to be a "farmer" for NAIS to affect you. All you need to to have a SINGLE pet chicken, goat, etc., and you will be required to tag your pet as well as id and register your premise (meaning your home)if this goes through.
As I said, once NAIS goes through, dogs and cats will not be far behind. In fact, good old NYS has a bill now where they want to require ALL DOGS AND CATS to be microchipped.
So, if you want to stop PAWS, help us get NAIS stopped, and we may be able to get 2 terribly intrusive bills defeated at the same time. As I do believe, if we get the big NAIS bill stopped, it will then have a great affect on what happens with PAWS.
When contacting your state and federal reps, state your outrage on BOTH PAWS and NAIS.

Patricia Hampton

We can only stop this if we stand together and refuse. Starting with NAIS, we must go on a massive letter writing campaign to newspapers and our state legislators. This can only happen if we obey. Do NOT get a site ID, do NOT let them microchip your pets. Tell everyone you know about this. Let us all join together and stop this insanity now.

Nell Liquorman

If all the polititians will wear a foreign object under their skins to see how this really feels (say on the nape of the neck) for a few years, then I might be willing to take a look at how great these microchips really are. I have had many pets, for many years, and have been able to keep them safe without any monitoring except from me. I think that I prefer to go on this way. Incidentally, there is not a veterinarian or retailer that will look at my pesticide-free bathing and grooming treatment program. News media has ignored me since 1992. Wonder why that is? Never mind that my own two cats have been flea-free in Florida since before I wrote my KEEP FLEAS OFF guide. My process just plain eliminates the need for flea products. I keep my two cat flea-free and I spend about 10 a year to do so. That works out to about 10 cents per week per cat. My program would not be profitable for the chemical industry, veterinarians, pet stores and many other retailers. But it does make life easier for dogs, cats, other furry pets and for owners with limited imcomes.


Thought I would check in and thank those of you who work so hard to help our canines.


This report really talk about what is problems for this bill and make people think if it is good bill or not. Other than mandatory microtip, are there any regulation all pets owners get effected? I read somewhere about breeder's license and fine and spay/neuter issue..Something like that.Would you tell me more detail about this bill?I looked up on the internet but I could not find good linkl so, I am not that knowledgeable for this bill. I am from VA.
thank you

Robin Souers

Your essay brings to light yet another chilling dimension in the symbiotic love affair between big government and the commercial data industry. This is especially significant to me because I happen to be all of the following:
1) a lifelong dog lover and hobby breeder of one of the "pitbull" breeds targeted by BSL;
2) a federal employee (DoD)
3) a victim of precisely the type of malfeasant and dehumanizing acts spawned by this unholy alliance.
Suffice it to say that I have been following with great interest (read: an axe to grind) the process of litigation involving Choicepoint, a very big dog in the struggle to contol the nation's databank while positioning itself for some mutual back-scratching with dear old Uncle Sam.
I realize that this is supposed to be about your soapbox and not mine, but the implications are the same in either case and truly frightening. For those of us who are like-minded, another excellent read can be found at:
Thank you for sharing your insight.

Donna Barnett

Am I the only one who has thought of responding to AKC where it really hurts?
I know that a boycott would be impossible, but why not, just this once, boycot Westminster? This would be a HUGE embarrassment, and might get our message across.
Without the support from the people who spend so much money via entry fees, hunt tests, obedience trials, and litter registrations, AKC would cease to exist as we know it today.
Now, with the newer venues around, there is no reason that AKC has to be the only place to register and validate our dogs.

Gail Marschak

Why won't you take this story to the National Network Televisions? Please expose this for what it is and let them defend themselves.

We need all the assistance we can to "kill this bill".

Jaime Garcia

I believe there are many reasons for these orgs to come together, but I dont feel it is as united a front as one might expect.

Animal Rights orgs such as PETA and HSUS goals are to stop us from owning domesticated animals. Stop us from using hunting dogs, and some day to no longer be able to walk into a store and eat meat.

They dont care if you walk into a pet store and purchase a poor specimen for a high price, as much as they care about having their hand in legislation and changing things so that THEY get to tell you what your rights are.

The AVMA now they are a scary group, and not afraid to use their power to stop low income and poverty stricken people from seeking affordable services for their animals.

I am part of a local organization that for many many years has held low cost vaccination and microchip clinics. They started out holding perhaps three clinics a year to recently having them once a month.

A pet owner can acquire a chip (registration fee included) for $15 and it used to be your vaccinations including Rabies were free for the lifetime of the animal.

Local Veterinarians started grouping together and complaining about our clinics, and the AVMA stepped in and imposed all sorts of stipulations in hopes we wouldnt be able to jump thru those hoops and thus no longer be able to hold low cost clinics.

We now hold clinics every other month and have to hire not only Veterinarians, but the techs as well.

Once they finished with us they moved onto our County Facilities, and stopped them cold in offering vaccinations other than Rabies for the public.

Our organization recieves a grant from a local organization every year and this money we use to hold these clinics. There is of course no profit to us, but it certainly takes away profit for the Vets whom charge outrageous prices for a chip that you still have to pay to register.

So this makes sense that the Animal Rights groups would want this to pass, for they can then not only have their cake but eat it too.

So each organization backing and pushing this bill has their own agenda, but to tack on the profits of microchipping now that the AVMA is controlling the cost of chips, is certainly an added bonus to each ones agenda.....

Pretty scary stuff.....indeed.

Linda D. Witouski, owner of

A most impressive piece of journalism and insight. Though most of us knew $$$ was a key issue, you have managed to put the puzzle together and I thank you a billion times @ what was that figure ... $12.50 each ?


Thanks for such a great report. This seems to be leading to - so called last days where only those with a special mark can buy and sell. Micro chipped humans will be scanned for purchases, their every move will be tracked via satellite for easier government control, loss of freedom. May God be with us.

Vickie Haywood

I am Speachless...
What an Idea...and all those BIG org's will reap the now we know why the vets jumped on board..they are loosing money over the vaccination issue...BIG BROTHER is at work..and the showing hobby breeders loose!!BIG TIME...sold out by the very org;s that we support each weekend with our dog show entry money...
Well At least the CAT people have it right!!!

Carole Pivarnik

I hope that you have emailed this article to Time, Newsweek, Fortune, Atlantic Monthly, and every other magazine that might give some negative coverage to these organizations trying to strip our freedoms from us one devious step at a time.

Selma Mulvey

You make many valid and scary points in this piece.

What's with all the George Orwell-style government these days? When did everybody become a sheep suitable only for chipping and clipping on this continent (it's as bad in Canada, where I live)? When did people stop generalizing and thinking for themselves? It is positively horrifying that this kind of thing is going on. Keep sounding the alarm - your blog is brilliant.

Bob Kane

You've done an outstanding reporting job and I feel you've put your finger on why the AKC, despite its customers' strenuous objections, refuses to let go of PAWS and why AVMA is also supporting S1139-HR2669 (PAWS).

There is clearly another planned bill involved and AKC, AVMA, HSUS all stand to hugely benefit if federal or state legislation is passed which makes pet microchipping mandatory, rather than voluntary. Such a law can only be passed if these three parties cooperate and coordinate their efforts to saddle pet owners with forced extra costs and "Big Brother" intrusive government.

Bob Kane, President
Virginia Hunting Dog Owners' Association
Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance -
Working to identify and elect supportive legislators
** NO PAWS **

Colby Homer:owner of e-list WestVirginiaPetLaw

This incisive piece neatly fits together all the pieces of the PAWS puzzle! Federalization of animal ownership ties in perfectly with big business..and big profit.
"Show Me the Money" indeed says it all.

Laurella Desborough

Thank you for a brilliant analysis of the reasons why PAWS is being put forward and will be supported by many. By connecting the dots between the money and the players, you have shown the PAWS bill to be even more dangerous than we could ever have imagined. This bill is a very serious threat to our privacy and freedom.

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