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August 14, 2005



If you want MY dog, then you'll have to come and get her from me. What comes next? Where does it end? We want your dog, cos they're just vicious!!! Small minds condemn anything that they fail to understand, what about MY dog? She's a German Shepherd, a purebred and has protected me. What about the dogs before her, Elsa another shepherd, a search and rescue dog that SAVED 8 PEOPLE. If the Nazis set out more laws and bills like this one how long will it before simple things are considered dangerous and unnecessary? Excuse me, I'm an American citizen, and NOT a subject. Take you 'statistics' and cram them.


I have a 1 1/2 year old Doberman. And he is a giant puppy, he loves everyone and every dog he has come across except one. Which was an aggressive American bulldog. And even then he didn't fight he just ran away. He really is such a sweet dog, but because of laws like this I can't take a vacation because I can't find a kennel that will take a Doberman. I am turned down by 90% of the dog friendly buildings in my city because he is a Doberman. I also get discriminated against at parks, in town, wherever. It's maddening. I recently read that Labs account for 20% of the bites in the last couple years in my state. Dobermans are not even on that list. No bites since the 90's. I am just plain pissed off by the legislation, politicians, and insurance companies that have allowed the state of things to develop. It is the owner not the breed, period. It really is discrimination. Insurance companies are the new bane of America, and people wonder why they want socialized health care.


We already have a similar law in England. It's called the Dangerous Dogs Act. It only takes just ONE small child to be killed by a Dangerous Dog, which has happened several times in the past couple of years. Children as young as 3, torn apart by a dog. Personally I think the Dangerous Dogs Act should be extended to not only ban these dogs, but to exterminate them as well. Just my £0.02, which I hope will not be deleted, as like all of you, I have freedom of speech to voice my views.


They're not killing pitbulls, they're making them be fixed to they can't have puppies. They're not going to walk around and kill every dog that they believe is vicious.
I disagree with this bill, seeing as people should be allowed to own whatever dog they want to, and as long as they can take care of the animal, and provide adequate care for it, everything should be fine. I can understand where someone would want to fix the animal because they dont want puppies, and thats perfectly reasonable.. Thats what people have already been doing for years, now.
PETA and ALF should be having hissy fits if people were really going to be killing the dogs. They're not there to kill them, they're there to FIX them. to be NEUTERED. thats IT.
This makes it so there aren't stray dogs running around (who sometimes DO attack people) uncared for and mistreated.
If they do come accross a vicious or violent dog, then the owner has obviously trained it to do so, and should be punished. NOT the dog.
I believe that this bill isn't going to help what so ever, but get your facts right, please.
I'm curioius as to how this bill is working out.
thank you,

Wayne Schotten

I read your alarming notice about exterminating pit bulls but bill you reference is a North Coast Railroad bill and the AB 861 is likewise innocuous as far as pit bulls are concerned. I searched the legislature list of pending bills and nothing seems to come up. Where did you get this information?
EDITOR'S Note: The bill referred to was SB 861 (not AB) - it was signed into law last January by Governor Schwarzenegger.

Quenton Petit

I own a Golden Retriever that is sometimes aggressive, but never has and never will hurten me. So as a dog owner I know that no matter what my dog would do to me i would still love him and i would never want to exterminate him. I also think any dog owner would agree with me.


This quite possibly is the worst thing i have ever heard in my entire life! to be honest it ranks up there with the nazi's tryin to whipe out the jewish race! put the owner to sleep not the dog! the dog has an owner punish him or her! this is ridiculous!


this is terrible...its like a holucaust or a darfur for dogs...theres no way this can pass. while i dont have a dog (yet), i know many people with quote unquote dangerous breeds; the owner of the stables i used to ride horses at had a beautiful little pitbull puppy, and all she would ever do is love a person to death. a dog is viscious if it is raised to behave so. if they are abused, used for fighting, or trained to be protectors, then they may pose a danger. but of all my friends, neighbors, and family members, i only know of one instance where a dog was dangerous, and that was my uncles old springer, who contracted rage and bit my dad..but thats all genetics. this is insane...and if this passes dont be suprised of you see headlines about a 16 year old leading a dog army into california...well..ok....maybe im exxagerating...but still...
meh..i feel better now that i ranted about this

**goes off to find someone to contact about this**

dan miller

They're not euthanizing these dogs, they're just controlling breeding. They're doing what a responsible dog owner SHOULD be doing.
EDITOR'S NOTE: Hey, Dan - If that was the case, then I'm sure the Poodle & Pug people won't mind when their dogs are declared dangerous breeds by their local town councils, and forced to sterilize thier dogs. And by the way - as such a proponent of SB861 - I am sure you won't mind when I stop by and ask you to relinquish ownership of your dog so that you can become a guardian instead - because that's what all responsible owners should do.

Dustin Hoffman

Since when did it become the governments job to regulate what we can and cant own, breed etc. I have no objection to requiring insurance on a dog, but to make it so that u cant get any insurance on a dog larger then 40 pounds is ridiculous. They target "vicious" breeds such as the pitbull and the rotweiller. I know many rotweilers and putbulls lighter then 40 pounds, and many other dogs heavier. You cant regulate on breed thats just as bad as racial discrimination. That would be like me saying all germans are vicious. Are we going to stop the germans from breeding with the rest of the united states. NO cause its wrong.


I own two pits, a male and female. My male is the keeper of my heart. He protects me and loves me and licks my tears if I cry. I live alone and when he hears something he lets me know. I didn't do a very good job at socializing him and he can be skiddish and aggresive towards people he doesn't know. However, keeping this in mind, I don't let him off the leash, I don't let him near elderly or children and I let him warm up to people on his own. I take full responsibility for the way my dogs reacts to people. I never taught him to be mean, but I know through my actions or lack of actions that I created the dog I have today. I love him more than anything imaginable and he really is my best friend, you treat me right and he becomes your best friend too.I have enrolled him in classes and am currently doing everything to make him a socially acceptable dog. People need to take responsibilty for their animals, the obvious ignorance of congressmen is going to rob people of owning wonderful dogs. Spend time with a pit, the way they shake, the way they bend in half and make wookie noises when you walk through the door. People should be punished, not the dogs.

Cody Carrick

I am bewildered by this proposition. I am a 5'3" 22 year old woman who lives in a crime laden neighborhood. There are people in my neighborhood that smoke crack and carry guns around. Apparantly this is ok, but my having a large dog that would bark ferociously and scare someone away if someone attempted to attack me is not? I don't understand this at all. There are ALSO: dog fights. Pit Bull dog fights, to be exact. They take place in a run down house in my neighborhood, where exactly I don't know or I would have reported this to the police. It enrages me to see them jerking the dogs down the street with a rope. They guard their backyards with shotguns so no one gets near their mange ridden, abused victims: their dogs. This is why animals are viscious. Only these people have the dogs kill each other. There isn't anything being done about this. These people dump dead, ripped up pit bulls in yards and near trash recepticles. This issue galls me. Hello, people: the dogs are raised by these ignorant fools to be killers. The ignorant foold should be punished, not the poor, scared animals that get dragged downthe street until eventually they have incentive to fight another dog when placed before one. This is a problem with criminal people, not dogs. I am outraged that anyone would jump to this decision rather than doing the least bit of research. If they had investigated this problem at ALL, they would see the dog fights and notice ghetto bastards that treat their dogs like mere objects. I have a 120lb mutt that is the sweetest, cutest, most loyal creature I have ever met. His ferocity comes only towards individuals that yell loudly at me while walking towards me; dogs become ferocious (if you raise them correctly) when their master is uneasy. When I am afraid because some big guy with a baseball bat says, "HEY!" at me and starts bounding towards me, my dog will, indeed, bark and appear ferocious. I hope that the guy with the baseball bat thinks he's ferocious, but my dog would merely bark and snarl were he to encounter this guy. This guy's baseball bat could possibly kill me. My dog has never and will never hurt a living thing, and if someone executed him I would probably have to move since I don't want people breaking into my house while I achieve my bachelor's degree and go to work and such. I am an American. I vote and pay taxes. I think that I have the right to keep the dog that I purchased and love, and no one should be able to stop this. If people wanted to solve anything, they might look into the reality of the situation instead of make hurried assumptions. I thought this was a civilized country, but someone thinking it's not wrong to kill innocent creatures (not for food, not for clothing, and not even for any kind of research) because of a few occurances that obviously weren't studied just exasperates me. It's ridiculous. Maybe owners should have to report their dogs to places every so often so the status of the dog's treatment is surveyed, or something of this sort. Anything but this irrational and senseless idea would work. Thank you, and please treat creatures the way you would want to be treated.

Rusty Owens aka RyVen OMael

To add to the fight for the lives of pit bulls and other large breeds..
i live in Northern California... and am a Gay Male and i Damn Gavin Newsome as a ignorant nuisance.!
i Own a 75 lb pit bull boy..
tho he is neutered .. he once was mean .. when i adopted him.. due to his previous owner.. now he is loving and very protective of me..
he saved my LIFE .. in a freak accident..
one day my gas burning stove heater was removed and the workers didnt turn off the main valve ..
that night as i slept the gas leaked into my home and bedroom ..
i had no idea! .. i was woken up by my dog .. butting me in the chest.. something he had never done before..
i (very) groggily satup.. i couldnt actually stand up ..
i crawled to the door and let him out .. then realized that the gas valve was still on... i was just able to turn the valve and fall out for about 10 more hours..
Had it not been for him
i would be DEAD! .. and i believe that its the owners that make their familiars / pets mean.. or aggressive!
animals arent born mean .. just as humans arent born mean
its the way we're raised...!!!!!! end of story
put the ignorant owners that breed to fight and bite, behind bars.. dont kill the messenger.. kill the king!!!!!
RyVen OMael


I was a veterinary asst for many years. I have seen alot of viscous dogs in my time, and some good ones. I think SOME PEOPLE should be band from owning dogs especialy known viscous breeds such as the pit. careful screening should be done on potential owners. we shouldnt punish the animals for their owners behavior. any dog can be mean, but is only that way because of the owners neglect or abuse. I once had to pin an extremely viscous dog between a door in order to treat its injuries caused by a neglectful owner, the dog was so bad that about 1 week later the dog was returned to us for termination because it had attacked someone. that owner should have NEVER owned an animal, but some idiot gave them one and the dog ended up paying for their crime. I am unsure really whta this law realy is trying to do, al I am getting is mixed messages, I do believe in spay and nueter laws because of this, but to try and terminate large breeds would be rediculous. large dogs help the handicapped and police force. if someone could please help me to better understand this law I would apreciate it. I am a large dog lover myself


hi my name is erica and any of you people who think pitbulls should be exterminated are assholes! why would you exterminate this breed of dog when you people are the ones that made some of them the way they are. this is wrong and anyone who is for this extermination are all going to go to hell for it. YOU people are the ones who made these dogs this way and YOU people should pay for it. And fuck you Gavin Newsom. Youre going to go to hell for this.


Whatever happened to people taking responsibility for their actions? Its just cruel and unfair to "wipe out" specific breeds of dogs because they have a "vicious" reputation. Instead of supporting the concept of dog genocide (because really, thats what this is) how about we go after the irresponsible, neglectful, cruel owners. Adopting a dog should be no different than adopting a child. There should be background checks and followup visits involved.

I have a 3 year old boxer. Hyper? Absolutely. Vicious? By no means!

And think about it, forcing mandatory spaying/neutering of particular breeds of animals is going to do nothing more than spark heavy underground breeding. We're going to end up with even more animals that are unmonitored and uncared for.




I think its ridiculous that this idea even came up. Dogs were here for a reason, and this isn't one of them. Pitbulls are raised to be "vicious" so they're either trying to protect the ones they love, or were just brought up that way. Why should they suffer? The people who do this should, not pitbulls, let alone any other dog. I have a boxer, and I would hate to see him leave my side.


i think its discusting that they are letting this happen. I myself have an Am Staff pitbull named riot, and he is the sweetest dog I have ever owned. Just to prove to you, my other dog, a Shih Tzu named Mickey, will bite your hand off if you try to pick him up. So now maybe shih tzus need to be on the list? DOGS ARE NOT BORN VICIOUS, THEY ARE BROUGHT UP THAT WAY. This bill is the most in-humaine thing I have ever heard of.


This whole bill is stupid. I own a pit bull and shes the sweetest dog in the world. I think its pretty stupid and pretty egotistical when people think they can tell me what type of dog I can and cannot own. Sorry y'all but that don't fly...I'll own whatever type of dog I want and I'm not gonna let some effed up legislation tell me what to do! This is a free country! Live up to it, don't try to force people to get rid of their dogs, I'll die before I give up my dog cause of her breed.


I can't believe this! It blows my mind that we now have to deal with this stupid, hypocritical bill. I have to say, I served this country in the United States Air Force, and everywhere i went people would say "oh, your from California?" and give me a weird look. And I would always tell them that California is a free, openminded state. I am now begining to wonder. How could you possibly think it is ok to take away someone pet based on its breed. This really is "Dog Discrimination". Ive never heard of anything so rediculous! If this law passes... Im out of here. You try telling those boys overseas whats going on here. I would really like to see those morons go to Montana and try to take away someones pet, you'd get shot before your a$$ left the front porch!


This is scary....I am so sad to hear about this. I owned a pitbull about 4 years ago, with my former boyfriend. Well he left me and I had to move back home with my mother, she forced me to get rid of the love of my life (my dog) because she was afraid of pit bulls. Fortunitly, I found her a wonderful home with people who love her just as much as I did. But is so sad how under-educated people are today, including my own mother.
It's so hard to try to sway them too, no one wants to hear pit bulls are the sweetest, most loving dogs I have ever had. It makes me cry.

So my question is what next? If the government is telling us what kind of dogs we can own, what are they going to do next? How many kids we can have? I mean there are some vicious children out there too...should we exterminate them? This is disgusting, it makes me sick to my stomach.. Ignorance is such a huge problem today!


Don't be silly. Breed and racial profiling are NOT the same. Dogs are not human, despite all the pretense. Pitt bulls were bred to attack and kill. Some are good dogs, but too many are quite dangerous. I think dog owners need to take more responsibility for their pets. Penalties need to be high for people that own violent dogs, and violent dogs do need to be put down.


Anyone who wants to kill off any animals for no apparent reason needs to go to hell. Any dog can be the meanest thing or the nicest depending on how they're raised. No one should just kill a dog for being vicious b/c they could be protecting their owners. I believe that an animal that are vicious only need to be put to sleep if they have rabies.


i just wanted to say my freind has 5 pitbulls, and when they are raised the right way, meaning not to fight, that they are the most loyal and loving dogs there is. They also have some of the most visible personalities which makes them a great pet.

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