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August 21, 2005



The End Of The Bsl Is Near If You Wish It.

IADCRO we are all. We must support it (no with money) and make us member of IADCRO.

“UNITED WE STAND".For to became a IADCRO´S member is free, no money for nothing, you must only send your name, country and addres mail at: and you will became IADCRO´S member for sure, you can see your work like IADCRO´S member here in where you can read INDICATIONS for members:


IADCROS News Bolletin:


Are you going to just sit down while your best friend is being delivered and slaughtered???.


Who would think that in our "advanced" society a law such as this one could pass? Count me in.

jacque malman

remember adolf hitler.
dogs today. jews tomorrow. then catholics, blacks, gypsies, etcv.

annalee c mcphilomy

our humane society has just started a NO KILL SOCIETY. I LIVE IN JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA. we had a law come up herr about the number of animals you could have and with bumber stickers and calls to officials--it died..i hope all will do this for the poor animals that are being do their owners stand it..masters must have broken is bad enough when one dies/but t o be taken and killed!! how sorry!!


Hello, I think I have added an event for the vigil..but shouldn't there be a place to list where to come? I'm wanting to meet at Christian Park in Indpls., do I inform people to come?


Judy Schreiber

I will do it...We are all in this together!!! As the saying goes United We Stand Devided We Fall!God Bless The Dogs! Judy USA, SC

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