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September 05, 2006



What ignorant person created this page and wroat all this bullshit information about Pitbulls?

Joe White

The National War Dogs Memorial Project, Inc.
506 South Third Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 32250

Finally some good news for all of our dogs!

A national celebration of all the dogs of all our wars is coming soon, and it will include recognition of some 32 breeds plus mix breeds, who have served in defense of our freedoms. And make no mistake about it, when we remind people that our dogs are Veterans too, from WW I up to the present war on terror, then it speaks well for every dog.

So on behalf of the above named organization, the oldest effort to honor all the dogs of all our wars, and endorsed by both Betty White and Oliver Stone, I am inviting you to join in the celebration, and it will cost you nothing, as the dogs themselves ask for nothing but love. We simply ask that you find some way to draw attention to this greatly underappreciated service, and do so on March 13, which is the official anniversary of the founding of our incredible United States K9 Corps ( 3/13/1942); saviors of thousands of Veterans like myself.

Some groups may have a parade, or show, or just an effort to get names on the enclosed petition. You see, I am simply telling people to come up with their own way of doing this, but let us know, so that we can share ideas with everyone. And if you decide to get some petition signatures, please copy it first while it is blank. And for additional information contact me.

Sincerely, Joseph J. White, President/Founder


I am just sick of hearing all this crap about pitbulls being mean, vicious, and killers. I know for a fact that all these little dogs bite alot more than these pitbulls they just don't get put on the news so if they did they would be the ones getting shot just for being a dog. I have gotten bit by a little poodle. My best friend got bit by an eskimo spitz, another friend of mine got bit by a dalmation and they didn't get put on the news like how the pitbulls would.


me and my family have 3 pitbulls and they are the sweetest dogs in the world. People need to not be so judgemental. the only reason pitts are sometimes "evil" that does not mean that all of the pitt onwers are mean.


this is pitbujj rasisun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it makes me want to scream! you people are so judgeMENTAL i am sick and tired of people hating on pitbulls!pitbulls are so sweet and kind if they have a responsibal, loving, sweet, kind and non-negletfull onwer.if the pitts are trained right and have a good onwer thet treats them right the pitts will turn out to be loving and caring dogs!

good owner =good pitbull
bad owner =scared to get beaten so i better do what my master says!!


you know not all pitbulls are evil and mean. and you have NO RIGHT to call all pitbull oners evil. You just here about all the BAD stories obout pitbulls. Did you know that so resue dogs are pitpulls! you should gathes CORECT info about pitbulls befor you go around crittisizing them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

denise morrison

I'm 18 years old and i don't believe that pitbulls make you a criminal i own 1 and i do not have a criminal back ground and dont plan on it. pitbulls are the sweetest dogs you can have and they are very protective too. i think everyone should own at least one then we can all be happy

Brooke Ascheman

I'm a 16 year old girl, from small town Minnesota. I own 2 pitbull pups, one is 7 months old and the other is 7 weeks old. Both are boys, and both are my best friends. I don't see how anyone could even think about banning pitbulls, the idea is ludicrous! What will this amount to? People that are abusing pitbulls will keep doing it! Obviously they don't care about animal abuse laws in the first place, why would they care about the BSL laws? I love pitties, they are the only dogs I will ever own. They're so loyal, so sweet, so funny, so misunderstood!

Patti Koehne

I am a 58yr. old woman who happens to own a wonderful Pittie, who will go on to be a service dog, and train for therapy school to serve the community. This new proposed City Ordinance is ludicrus, and I will make sure that my dog Votes.
Patti Koehne

sina norris

I live in North Carolina. We so far have not had to deal with BSL or any ridiculous laws such as this. We own rottweilers and show them in the german style venue. I also am a veterinary technician and am in constant contact with most of the animal shelters, animal control and the humaine societies around the area. Of course, we are on pins and needles just waiting for something like this to happen here but so far, in Pender County, laws do not affect any breed of dog. We have at least 10 no kill shelters around the area and even a magazine published monthly called Paw Prints to help place every breed of dog including pitts, rotties, etc. into forever homes. I myself also rescue rotties. We are ready to fight BSL if need be but so far so good.


Because all states with the exception of California view animals as personal property it is unconstitutional to limit one's property both in number and in type....that's the equivilent of the mayor saying you can own a Chevy but not a Dodge.
Problem being that they are basing these decisions on botched information......thanks to unethical reporters.
This should not be an issues that is allowed to be voted soley by representative it should be based on a turn-out from the voters.....this is a half-assed oversimplified solution to a very complex issue...and it sets a very dangerous precident on the right to own property....the first step this state needs to take is doing something about good ol' downhome dogfighting.....either regulate it or ban it all together but once the reason for feeding pittys gunpowder and ground glass and chaining and undersocializing them is gone....the need for restictive property laws will go with it.
"Punish the deed, not the breed".

Shaun Gearhart

To Whom it may concern,
I am a proud pit bull owner/lover.In my personal opinion Pit Bulls are the most loyalest of dog breeds and are extremely gentle and kind around children. It's is all in how u breed a dog as to how it is gonna be and function around other people. If u beat and abuse a dog its whole life it gets to the point where it will expect to get hit..And thats when someone may go to pet it and it bites...But in the dogs mind it probaly thinks its gonna get hit again...People who fight dogs should be shot and killed...It ruins it for the people who truely love the breed...My pit bull is a blue blood and has no game what so ever and its so hard to try and explain the diffrence in pit bulls.My dog is a big spoiled baby and would never hurt anyone...Please people think about what u do and the consequences they have..."Punish the deed not the breed" Im not a sex offender and refuse to regester like one...

Timothy London

I live in eden and own 10 pit bulls. I also have a 2 year old son that can get out and play with every single one of the dogs. We are working together to keep the ban from being placed. And I refuse to register like a sex offender and be considered a criminal because of the breed of dog I choose to raise. I have never had any problems with our dogs and if I thought for one second that they would hurt my son, do you think I would let him close to them! I don't. If anyone has any advice for us please email me at

Pam Kicking Horse

I too am apalled at what I have just read here. I too have recently been looking at property in North & South Carolina, but I am a Rottweiler breeder and there is no way that I would consider moving there now and taking even the slightest chance that my beloved dogs lives might be put in danger & that I might have to register like a sex offender is just an outrage, as it should be for any good citizen. I have always screened my puppy buyers to make sure they are going to good homes, now I will also be screening to be sure that the buyers do not live or own property in N Carolina (that they might visit & take the puppy),to ensure their safety.


This is a wake-up call for all animal owners of all kinds. Pit (and other allegedly vicious breeds) discrimination is merely a thinly disguised veil for supporting PETA's agenda in the future. At some point all animal owners will be criminals if it continues.

Spread the word to all you know, even if not specific pit bull owners. True animal-lovers (does not include animal rights activists) far, far outnumber the few with specific anti-pet goals and need to make their voices heard. Tell ten, encourage those ten to tell ten more. This kind of information needs to increase exponentially and it needs to be done immediately. And don't depend on the media.

Dianne Singer

I'm certain that this article on the Eden police chief's plan to criminalize responsible dog owners has prompted letters to the editor of the Greensboro News Record. I've been scanning the online edition of this paper, and have yet to see a letter to the editor published on this topic. Is this indicative of media bias? I think so.

Patti, I'm very sorry about your puppy. Perhaps instead of wrongful death, you could go for wrongful destruction of property? What does your lawyer think?

Patti Koehne

I have recently been under the microscope in my local town. Our local shelter murdered our beloved Pit Bull puppy at 13mths old. The manager at the shelter made him a dangerous dog at 3 mths of age, because he jumped up onto her to say "Hello", I'm a puppy and would like to greet you. They did alot of fraudulant things, and made me feel like a criminal, and I am a 58yr. old pediatric nurse who has never had a criminal record. We lost the case at the city level, and then I appealed it, because we loved our dog dearly. We then took the case to superior court, and the whole thing was rigged, and we lost again. Consequently, they murdered him on July 21st. 06, and I am still grieving his death. I am appalled by the current attitudes against this wonderful breed, so I now have rescued another Pit in our boy's honor. I didn't want him to have died in vain. He is buried in our local Pet Cemetery. I have until April to figure out if I want to sue them or not. I really would like to sue for a wrongful death suit, but my animal law attorney told me, nothing like that has ever been done. It sure would set a precedent for the value of our dogs lives. I can also sue for punitive damages. I love my rescued Pittie now, as she was a discard from a puppy mill, but is the sweetest dog on the planet. If anyone has any pertinent information for me regarding this violation of the City of Petaluma animal shelter, please email me at Thank you, Patti

Dianne Singer

I am appalled by this police chief's suggestion of profiling people based on the property they own. This is absolutely repugnant.

Justin Michael

It's sad that this State would fall pray to such stupidity.
I beleive this is Jus_another way to get $50.00 from the good citizens of Eden whom own a Pit Bull.
It's Contitutionally outragious & not for a second legal.
Go figure who the real criminals are now!!!


Well, so much for North Carolina for retirement. My husband and I were just recently in North Carolina looking at places to retire in the next couple of years. As owners of a pit bull, we won't be moving there. Oh - and I should mention that my husband is a decorated law enforcement officer, and the thought of having to register with a sex offender type registry MORE THAN OFFENSIVE!!


Ok, now this is going way toooo far! I think we the citizens all across should ban together and vote all of these idiots out of office. Remember power is in numbers, if "we" stick together and stand up for our rights what are they really able to do? What is funny is if you're being harrassed say by an ex-husband and maybe he's had incidents of prior voilence, you call the police, do you think for one second they will act "before" the crime.....hell no they'll wait until the guy tries or succeeds in killing you first, then and only then will they do a damn thing. You have say a teenager who's going down the wrong path, you call the police for help....what do you think you'll get? You'll potentially be brought up on charges of neglect for asking for help! This is completely crazy!

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