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November 10, 2005


Walter Jeffries

NAIS is scary stuff. Right now I don't think it covers cats and dogs but I would not be surprised if it were expanded to cover them. NAIS is just an excuse to gain more control over people and with it we will see a loss of freedoms and an increase in the cost of foods. Once they have us register our animals then they'll start taxing them and controlling it so people can not grow their own food.

Even if the stated purpose of disease tracking was really the purpose of NAISE the problem is the government is implementing NAIS to cover a lot more than the above needs. There is no need for NAIS to track food people raise for themselves, direct farm to consumer sales and pets.

The National Animal Identification System is totally unnecessary for the homestead. If you are growing food for your own consumption you already have 100% trace back. You know where your animals came from, where they went. The government does not need to be involved.

NAIS is also not needed for direct farm to consumer sales. Again there is already 100% trace back available. I breed and raise most of my own livestock which I sell directly to the consumer. I know exactly where it has been. My customer knows where they got it. The government does not need to be involved.

NAIS is not needed for pets either for the same reasons. In fact, this is the most absurd aspect of the whole thing that points out just how flimsy the government's excuse that NAIS is for tracking disease or contamination in the food chain. If NAIS were really for that purpose then they should be tracking every food, from beets to broccoli to beef. The most likely source of threat to our food chain is at the processor and distribution levels.

NAIS is to benefit government (think taxes), big businesses (eliminates small business competition) and the consumers (feels good because food supply is 'safe') who buy from the big businesses and pay taxes to the government. It is harmful to small farmers and individuals who raise their own food. The government is offering us paper work, snooping, threatening huge fines and confiscation of our property. Next they will be taxing what they require us to register. Their goal is to make everyone dependent on them.

There is another threat in all of this. The information collected under NAIS is not secure - it can be gotten by people like Pee; Ee, Tee .Ah under the Freedom Of Information Act. That is very scary. Do we want those freaks knowing where we are and exactly what we have for livestock so they can come vandalize our farms, destroy our property, burn our home and kill our family?!? No.

NAIS as written is a horrible idea and it should NOT be implemented. NAIS will not make our food supply or our nation more secure but rather just the opposite by centralizing production and control. NAIS is big government gone way, way overboard and horribly wrong. I hope that people will write their congressional representatives, local newspapers and the USDA. We must act now while we still have the right to keep livestock. Once NAIS passes it will be much harder to get rid of and it will be followed by further trashing of our rights.

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